ImageResizeOption (image)



The image resize option used in the image resize configuration.



  • icon : string | undefined

    An icon used by an individual resize button (see the name property to learn more). Available icons are: 'small', 'medium', 'large', 'original'.

  • label : string | undefined

    An option label displayed in the dropdown or, if the feature is configured using individual buttons, a tooltip and an ARIA attribute of a button. If not specified, the label is generated automatically based on the value option and the config.image.resizeUnit.

  • name : string

    The name of the UI component that changes the image size.

    • If you configure the feature using individual resize buttons, you can refer to this name in the image toolbar configuration.
    • If you configure the feature using the resize dropdown, this name will be used for a list item in the dropdown.
  • value : null | string

    The value of the resize option without the unit (configured separately). null resets an image to its original size.