Type Definitions

  • TestCallback


  • inlineAutoformatEditing( editor, plugin, testRegexpOrCallback, formatCallback ) → void

    Enables autoformatting mechanism for a given Editor.

    It formats the matched text by applying the given model attribute or by running the provided formatting callback. On every data change in the model document the autoformatting engine checks the text on the left of the selection and executes the provided action if the text matches given criteria (regular expression or callback).


    editor : Editor

    The editor instance.

    plugin : Autoformat

    The autoformat plugin instance.

    testRegexpOrCallback : RegExp | TestCallback

    The regular expression or callback to execute on text. Provided regular expression must have three capture groups. The first and the third capture group should match opening and closing delimiters. The second capture group should match the text to format.

    // Matches the `**bold text**` pattern.
    // There are three capturing groups:
    // - The first to match the starting `**` delimiter.
    // - The second to match the text to format.
    // - The third to match the ending `**` delimiter.
    inlineAutoformatEditing( editor, plugin, /(\*\*)([^\*]+?)(\*\*)$/g, formatCallback );

    When a function is provided instead of the regular expression, it will be executed with the text to match as a parameter. The function should return proper "ranges" to delete and format.

    	remove: [
    		[ 0, 1 ],	// Remove the first letter from the given text.
    		[ 5, 6 ]	// Remove the 6th letter from the given text.
    	format: [
    		[ 1, 5 ]	// Format all letters from 2nd to 5th.
    formatCallback : ( Writer, Array<Range> ) => ( undefined | boolean )

    A callback to apply actual formatting. It should return false if changes should not be applied (e.g. if a command is disabled).

    inlineAutoformatEditing( editor, plugin, /(\*\*)([^\*]+?)(\*\*)$/g, ( writer, rangesToFormat ) => {
    	const command = editor.commands.get( 'bold' );
    	if ( !command.isEnabled ) {
    		return false;
    	const validRanges = editor.model.schema.getValidRanges( rangesToFormat, 'bold' );
    	for ( let range of validRanges ) {
    		writer.setAttribute( 'bold', true, range );
    } );