PoweredByConfig (core/editor)



The “Powered by CKEditor” logo configuration options.



  • forceVisible : boolean | undefined

    Allows to show the logo even if the valid commercial license is configured using the config.licenseKey setting.

    Defaults to false

  • horizontalOffset : number

    The horizontal distance between the side of the editing root and the nearest side of the logo.

    Defaults to 5

  • label : null | string

    Allows changing the label displayed next to the CKEditor logo.

    Note: Set the value to null to hide the label.

    Defaults to 'Powered by'

  • position : 'border' | 'inside'

    The position of the project's logo.

    • When 'inside', the logo will be displayed within the boundaries of the editing area.
    • When 'border', the logo will be displayed over the bottom border of the editing area.

    Defaults to 'border'

  • side : 'right' | 'left'

    Allows choosing the side of the editing area where the logo will be displayed.

    Note: If config.language is set to an RTL (right-to-left) language, the side switches to 'left' by default.

    Defaults to 'right'

  • verticalOffset : number

    The vertical distance the logo can be moved away from its default position.

    Note: If position is 'border', the offset is measured from the (vertical) center of the logo.

    Defaults to 5