ImportWordConfig (import-word)



The configuration of the import from Word feature.

The configuration for the import from Word feature requires providing the config.importWord.tokenUrl:

	.create( editorElement, {
		importWord: {
			tokenUrl: ''
	} )
	.then( ... )
	.catch( ... );

See all editor options.



  • commentsStyles : 'none' | 'full' | 'basic' | undefined

    Defines which formatting styles should be kept for the imported comments text.

    Possible values are:

    • 'basic' - basic styles are kept (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and links),
    • 'none' - comment text is imported without any styling,
    • 'full' - all styles are kept (not recommended).

    Note: Please remember that importing comments requires installing the Comments feature.

    Defaults to 'basic'

  • converterUrl : string | undefined

    A URL to the Docx converter.

    const importWordConfig = {
    	converterUrl: ''

    Note: The plugin uses the default Word to HTML converter delivered by CKEditor Cloud Services. You can provide a URL to an on-premises converter instead.

    Defaults to ''

  • defaultStyles : boolean | undefined

    If true, the converter service preserves the default styles and formatting of the imported Word document.

    Defaults to false

  • tokenUrl : TokenUrl | undefined

    A token URL or a token request function. This field is optional and should be used only when a different tokenUrl is required for the Import from Word feature.

    Note: The token can be disabled with the false value provided.

    See: tokenUrl