User (collaboration-core)



The representation of a single user that is involved in document editing.



  • avatar : undefined | string

    The URL pointing to the image with the avatar of the user.

    If avatar is not set, default avatar is used.

  • color : Color

    CSS colors classes object for the user.

  • id : string

    The ID of the user.

  • readonly

    initials : string

    The initials of the user.

    The initials are composed from the user name's first and last words:

    • for Joe Doe, the initials are JD,
    • for Anonymous the initials are A,
    • for Katie John-Newman the initials are KJ,
    • for Adam Daniel Smith the initials are AS.
  • readonly

    isAnonymous : boolean

    Is true for the anonymous user, false otherwise.

    The anonymous user is used when there is no defined user for given resource.

    The situations when the anonymous user is used will depend on your application. For example, it can be used when the editor can be used by "guest" users of your application, or when the original user's account was removed.

  • readonly

    isMe : boolean

    Is true for the local user.

  • name : string

    The name of the user.


  • constructor( data )


    data : UserData

    User data.