CKEditor Cloud Services is a cloud platform for editing and real-time collaboration services.

The information in the guides applies to the cloud version as well as the On-Premises version.

More information about the On-Premises version can be found in the On-Premises section.

# Easy Image

Easy Image is a service that takes care of image uploads. It reduces the effort required on your part to build a complete modern editing solution with support for embedding images.

Easy Image guarantees that all images inserted into your content are responsive. With a single image upload, several optimized versions of the image are created after upload by CKEditor Cloud Services, for different sizes of displays. All this is transparent to the end user who uploaded the image. Rescaled and optimized images are delivered through a blazing-fast CDN.

Responsive images with Easy Image.

Easy Image is a service that runs in the cloud, however, it also requires the client-side part to operate. At this moment there are three integrations available: for CKEditor 5, CKEditor 4 and inside Letters.

# Easy Image for CKEditor 5

The Easy Image plugin is included in all CKEditor 5 Builds. No special steps are required to use it, apart from configuring the CKEditor Cloud Services access.

See the Better images section of the “What’s new in CKEditor 5?” article for a few short demos of image uploads with Easy Image. Refer to the Easy Image integration guide for more information.

# Easy Image for CKEditor 4

Starting from the CKEditor 4.9 release, CKEditor 4 comes with an optional plugin called Easy Image that provides a similar modern user experience as the feature available in CKEditor 5.

See the Easy Image sample in CKEditor Examples and refer to the Easy Image Functionality Overview and Easy Image Integration guides for more details.

# Easy Image in Letters

Easy Image is included in Letters, so there are no extra steps needed to use it.

# Real-time collaboration

CKEditor Cloud Services offers a fast and highly scalable service for real-time collaboration, compatible with rich text editors built on top of CKEditor 5 Framework. It is capable of handling real-time collaboration on text documents and tracking users connected to the document. It also serves as a storage for comments added to the document.

Apart from having a supporting backend to transmit operations, resolve conflicts and apply changes between users connected to the same document, some features are needed on the client side to offer a full real-time collaboration experience:

  • Showing multiple cursors and selection coming from other users.
  • Showing users connecting to and disconnecting from the document.
  • Offering the UI for managing comments and markers in the document.

CKEditor Ecosystem offers two solutions for implementing real-time collaborative editing:

  • CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features — A collection of plugins that can be integrated with any CKEditor 5 build to provide a fully flexible and customizable experience.
  • Letters — A ready-to-use real-time collaborative editor with all the essential features.

# CKEditor 5 Real-time collaboration features

CKEditor 5 Real-time collaboration features let you customize any CKEditor 5 build to include real-time collaborative editing, commenting and track changes features and tailor them to your needs.

Real-time collaboration consists of four features delivered as separate plugins that can be used with any CKEditor 5 build:

All of the above features are customizable. This makes implementing real-time collaborative editing within your application a highly customizable out-of-the-box experience.

Real-time collaboration features in CKEditor 5.

For an in-depth introduction to CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features refer to the Collaboration overview.

# Letters

Letters is a ready-to-use, distraction-free real-time collaborative editor built on top of CKEditor 5 Framework. It offers a complete editing experience, with a beautiful UI, carefully selected editing features, real-time collaboration and comments — all available out of the box, ready to integrate with your application.

Letters interface.

For an in-depth introduction to Letters features refer to the Letters overview.

# Next steps

If you are interested in Easy Image, check Quick start for a short instruction on how to start using Easy Image.

If you are interested in CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features, check Collaboration overview for information how to enable real-time collaborative editing in your CKEditor 5 build.

If you are looking for a ready-to-use editing solution that includes both real-time collaboration and Easy Image, check Letters.