DowncastConversionApi (engine/conversion)



Conversion interface that is registered for given DowncastDispatcher and is passed as one of parameters when dispatcher fires its events.



  • consumable : ModelConsumable

    Stores the information about what parts of a processed model item are still waiting to be handled. After a piece of a model item was converted, an appropriate consumable value should be consumed.

  • dispatcher : DowncastDispatcher

  • mapper : Mapper

    The Mapper instance.

  • options : Object

    An object with an additional configuration which can be used during the conversion process. Available only for data downcast conversion.

  • schema : Schema

    The Schema instance set for the model that is downcast.

  • writer : DowncastWriter

    The DowncastWriter instance used to manipulate the data during conversion.


  • convertAttributes( item )

    Triggers conversion of attributes of a specified item.


    item : Item

    The model item to trigger attribute conversion on.

  • convertChildren( element )

    Triggers conversion of children of a specified element.


    element : Element

    The model element to trigger children insert conversion on.

  • convertItem( item )

    Triggers conversion of a specified item. This conversion is triggered within (as a separate process of) the parent conversion.


    item : Item

    The model item to trigger nested insert conversion on.