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APICKEditor 5 widget API

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This package implements the widget API for CKEditor 5.

The API consists of a few primitives and helpers that make it easy to implement rich content units such as images with captions.

# Documentation

Browse the API documentation of this package by using the module tree on the left.

The widget API is proposed in a very different way than it was in CKEditor 4. It is just a set of utilities that allow you to implement typical object-like entities. Most of the work actually happens in the engine and this API’s role is only to properly conduct the engine.

Therefore, this is just one of the ways how widgets can be proposed. This API can be expected to change (grow) and for now, the only available documentation is in the ImageEditing's code (which is the only widget API consumer at this stage).

# Installation

npm install --save @ckeditor/ckeditor5-widget

# Contribute

The source code of this package is available on GitHub in