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APICKEditor 5 widget API

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This package implements the widget API for CKEditor 5.

The API consists of a few primitives and helpers that make it easy to implement rich content units such as images with captions.

# Documentation

Browse the API documentation of this package by using the module tree on the left.

The widget API consists of two layers:

  • The Widget plugin that enables base support for this feature. Usually, your plugin which implements a specific widget will define its reliance on the Widget plugin via its Plugin.requires property.
  • The toWidget() and toWidgetEditable() functions. You need to use them during the conversion to make a specific element either a widget or its nested editable. See their documentation for more details.

Besides these mentioned core functionalities, this package implements the following utilities:

The widget API is proposed in a different way than it was in CKEditor 4. It is just a set of utilities that allow you to implement typical object-like entities. Most of the work actually happens in the engine and this API’s only role is to control it.

# Installation

npm install --save @ckeditor/ckeditor5-widget

# Contribute

The source code of this package is available on GitHub in