ImageInsertConfig (image)



The configuration of the image insert dropdown panel view. Used by the image insert feature in the @ckeditor/ckeditor5-image package.

	.create( editorElement, {
			image: {
				insert: {
				... // settings for "insertImage" view goes here
	} )
	.then( ... )
	.catch( ... );

See all editor options.



  • type : 'auto' | 'block' | 'inline' | undefined

    This option allows to override the image type used by the InsertImageCommand when the user inserts new images into the editor content. By default, all images inserted into the editor will be block if ImageBlock is loaded. To let the editor decide the image type, choose 'auto'.

    Available options are:

    • 'block' – all images inserted into the editor will be block (requires the ImageBlock plugin),
    • 'inline' – all images inserted into the editor will be inline (requires the ImageInline plugin),
    • 'auto' – the editor will choose the optimal image type based on the context of the insertion and availability of plugins.

    Defaults to 'block'

  • internal

    integrations : Array<string>

    The image insert panel view configuration contains a list of ImageInsert integrations.

    The option accepts string tokens.

    • for predefined integrations, we have two special strings: insertImageViaUrl and openCKFinder. The former adds the Insert image via URL feature, while the latter adds the built-in CKFinder integration.
    • for custom integrations, each string should be a name of the component registered in the component factory. If you have a plugin PluginX that registers pluginXButton component, then the integration token in that case should be pluginXButton.
    // Add `insertImageViaUrl`, `openCKFinder` and custom `pluginXButton` integrations.
    const imageInsertConfig = {
    	insert: {
    		integrations: [

    Defaults to [ 'insertImageViaUrl' ]