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CKEditorError (utils)



The CKEditor error class.

All errors will be shortened during the minification process in order to reduce the code size. Therefore, all error messages should be documented in the same way as those in log.

Read more in the log module.



  • context : Object | null

    A context of the error by which the Watchdog is able to determine which editor crashed.

  • data : Object | undefined

    The additional error data passed to the constructor. Undefined if none was passed.

  • name : String


  • constructor( message, context, [ data ] )

    Creates an instance of the CKEditorError class.

    Read more about error logging in the log module.


    message : String

    The error message in an error-name: Error message. format. During the minification process the "Error message" part will be removed to limit the code size and a link to this error documentation will be added to the message.

    context : Object | null

    A context of the error by which the watchdog is able to determine which editor crashed. It should be an editor instance or a property connected to it. It can be also a null value if the editor should not be restarted in case of the error (e.g. during the editor initialization). The error context should be checked using the areConnectedThroughProperties( editor, context ) utility to check if the object works as the context.

    [ data ] : Object

    Additional data describing the error. A stringified version of this object will be appended to the error message, so the data are quickly visible in the console. The original data object will also be later available under the data property.

  • is()

    Checks if the error is of the CKEditorError type.