XmlDataProcessor (engine/dataprocessor)



The XML data processor class. This data processor implementation uses XML as input and output data. This class is needed because unlike HTML, XML allows to use any tag with any value. For example, <link>Text</link> is a valid XML but invalid HTML.



  • domConverter : DomConverter

    DOM converter used to convert DOM elements to view elements.

  • domParser : DOMParser

    DOM parser instance used to parse an XML string to an XML document.

  • htmlWriter : HtmlWriter

    A basic HTML writer instance used to convert DOM elements to an XML string. There is no need to use a dedicated XML writer because the basic HTML writer works well in this case.

  • namespaces : Array.<String>

    A list of namespaces allowed to use in the XML input.

    For example, registering namespaces [ 'attribute', 'container' ] allows to use <attirbute:tagName></attribute:tagName> and <container:tagName></container:tagName> input. It is mainly for debugging.


  • constructor( document, options = { [options.namespaces] } )

    Creates a new instance of the XML data processor class.


    document : Document

    The view document instance.

    options : Object

    Configuration options.

    [ options.namespaces ] : Array.<String>

    A list of namespaces allowed to use in the XML input.

    Defaults to []

  • registerRawContentMatcher( pattern )

    Registers a MatcherPattern for view elements whose content should be treated as raw data and not processed during the conversion from XML to view elements.

    The raw data can be later accessed by a custom property of a view element called "$rawContent".


    pattern : MatcherPattern

    Pattern matching all view elements whose content should be treated as raw data.

  • toData( viewFragment ) → String

    Converts the provided document fragment to data format — in this case an XML string.


    viewFragment : DocumentFragment



    An XML string.

  • toView( data ) → Node | DocumentFragment | null

    Converts the provided XML string to a view tree.


    data : String

    An XML string.


    Node | DocumentFragment | null

    A converted view element.

  • useFillerType( type )

    If the processor is set to use marked fillers, it will insert &nbsp; fillers wrapped in <span> elements (<span data-cke-filler="true">&nbsp;</span>) instead of regular &nbsp; characters.

    This mode allows for a more precise handling of block fillers (so they do not leak into editor content) but bloats the editor data with additional markup.

    This mode may be required by some features and will be turned on by them automatically.


    type : 'default' | 'marked'

    Whether to use the default or the marked &nbsp; block fillers.

  • private

    _toDom( data ) → DocumentFragment

    Converts an XML string to its DOM representation. Returns a document fragment containing nodes parsed from the provided data.


    data : String