ClipboardInputEventData (clipboard)



The value of the event-paste, event-copy and event-cut events.

In order to access the clipboard data, use the dataTransfer property.



  • content : DocumentFragment | undefined

    The content of clipboard input.

  • dataTransfer : DataTransfer

    Data transfer instance.

  • method : 'drop' | 'paste'

    Whether the event was triggered by a paste or a drop operation.

  • target : Element

    The tree view element representing the target.

  • targetRanges : null | Array<Range>

    The ranges which are the target of the operation (usually – into which the content should be inserted). If the clipboard input was triggered by a paste operation, this property is not set. If by a drop operation, then it is the drop position (which can be different than the selection at the moment of the drop).