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guideCKEditor 5 updates and maintenance

CKEditor 5 is an active, rapidly developing software project. It is, therefore, important to keep it updated and in best condition for stability and safety reasons.

# Migration from CKEditor 4

If you want to switch to CKEditor 5 from our previous product, CKEditor 4, please refer to the dedicated Migration from CKEditor 4 guide that will explain all the differences between these two products and help you make the switch.

# Daily maintenance of regular operation of CKEditor 5

For general tips on how to take care of your CKEditor 5 installation, please refer to the Maintaining your editor guide for tips on how to provide the daily service and make the editor work efficiently and without interruptions.

# CKEditor 5 release process

Regular code releases bring new features and improvements to CKEditor5. Visit the Release process section to check release practices and versioning strategy.

# Updating your CKEditor 5

Visit the Updating CKEditor 5 guide for information on how to update your installation to the newest available stable version of the software. Visit the dedicated update guides for specific CKEditor 5 release versions if you need to catch up with the latest release.