Message (utils)



The internationalization message interface. A message that implements this interface can be passed to the t() function to be translated to the target UI language.



  • readonly

    id : string | undefined

    The message ID. If passed, the message ID is taken from this property instead of the message.string. This property is useful when various messages share the same message string, for example, the editor string in in the editor and my editor sentences.

  • readonly

    plural : string | undefined

    The plural form of the message. This property should be skipped when a message is not supposed to support plural forms. Otherwise it should always be set to a string with the English plural form of the message.

  • readonly

    string : string

    The message string to translate. Acts as a default translation if the translation for a given language is not defined. When the message is supposed to support plural forms, the string should be the English singular form of the message.