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Batch (engine/model)



A batch instance groups model changes (operations). All operations grouped in a single batch can be reverted together, so you can also think about a batch as of a single undo step. If you want to extend a given undo step, you can add more changes to the batch using enqueueChange:

model.enqueueChange( batch, writer => {
    writer.insertText( 'foo', paragraph, 'end' );
} );



  • baseVersion : Number | null


    Returns the base version of this batch, which is equal to the base version of the first operation in the batch. If there are no operations in the batch or neither operation has the base version set, it returns null.

  • operations : Array.<Operation>


    An array of operations that compose this batch.

  • type : 'transparent' | 'default'


    The type of the batch.

    It can be one of the following values:

    • 'default' – All "normal" batches. This is the most commonly used type.
    • 'transparent' – A batch that should be ignored by other features, i.e. an initial batch or collaborative editing changes.