AIConfig (ai)



The configuration for all AI-related functionalities.

Provides configuration properties for both AI features and AI adapters (which connect to the external AI services),

	.create( editorElement, {
		ai: {
			openAI: {
				requestHeaders: {
					Authorization: 'Bearer API_KEY'
			useTheme: false
	} )
	.then( ... )
	.catch( ... );

See all editor configuration options.



  • aiAssistant : AIAssistantConfig | undefined

    The configuration of the AI Assistant feature.

    Read more in AIAssistantConfig.

  • aws : AWSTextAdapterConfig | undefined

    The configuration for the AWSTextAdapter.

    This is required only if you connect to Amazon Bedrock service.

    Read more in AWSTextAdapterConfig.

  • openAI : OpenAITextAdapterConfig | undefined

    The configuration for the OpenAITextAdapter.

    This is required only if you connect to OpenAI or Azure OpenAI service.

    Read more in OpenAITextAdapterConfig.

  • useTheme : boolean | undefined

    Enables or disables the colored UI theme for AI features.

    • Leaving this property unset will preserve the default theme on AI features UI elements.
    • Setting this property to false will remove the default theme from AI features UI elements.

    See the AI Assistant integration guide to learn how you can use CSS variables to change the default theme to a different color.

    Defaults to true