AutocompleteViewConfig (ui/autocomplete)



The configuration of the SearchTextView class.


Type parameters


  • inherited

    class : string | undefined

    The custom CSS class name to be added to the search view element.

  • inherited

    filteredView : FilteredView

    The view that is filtered by the search query.

  • inherited

    infoView : object | undefined

    The view that displays the information about the search results.

  • queryMinChars : number | undefined

    Minimum number of characters that need to be typed before the search is performed.

    Defaults to 0

  • inherited

    queryView : SearchTextQueryViewConfig<TConfigInputCreator>

    The configuration of the view's query field.

  • resetOnBlur : boolean | undefined

    When set true, the query view will be reset when the autocomplete view loses focus.