PaginationConfig (pagination)



The configuration of the pagination feature. It is used by the pagination feature from the @ckeditor/ckeditor5-pagination package.

	.create( editorElement, {
		pagination: {
			// A4
			pageWidth: '21cm',
			pageHeight: '29.7cm',

			pageMargins: {
				top: '20mm',
				bottom: '20mm',
				left: '12mm',
				right: '12mm'
	} )
	.then( ... )
	.catch( ... );

NOTE: The configuration of the plugin must match the export to PDF or export to Word feature configuration.

See all editor options.



  • enableOnUnsupportedBrowsers : boolean | undefined

    The pagination feature is by default enabled only in browsers that are using the Blink engine (Chrome, Chromium, newer Edge, newer Opera). This is due to some existing incompatibilities in Firefox and Safari; we will be working on them in the future.

    This behavior can be modified by setting this configuration value to true.

    Defaults to false

  • pageHeight : string

    The page height.

  • pageMargins : PaginationMarginsConfig

    The page margins.

  • pageWidth : string

    The page width.