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guideCKEditor 5 Framework

CKEditor 5 Framework is a highly-flexible and universal platform providing a set of components allowing you to create any kind of rich text editing solution. It enables creating different, custom-tailored editors that suit specific needs. It also provides tools for creation and integration of user-made features and for customizing the existing ones.

Use the navigation tree on the leftmain menu button in the upper-left corner to navigate through CKEditor 5 Framework documentation. Newly added or meaningfully updated guides are marked with a NEW icon for easy spotting.

Please note that the CKEditor 5 Framework documentation is constantly updated and expanded, but it may still be lacking some things. Feel free to suggest documentation enhancements and share your feedback about the framework.

If the documentation is insufficient, do not be afraid to look into the source code of CKEditor 5 packages. For example, if you plan to create a new feature, check if a similar one already exists and try to take inspiration from its source code.

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