DataSchemaBlockElementDefinition (html-support)



A definition of data schema for block elements.



  • isBlock : Boolean

    Indicates that the definition describes block element. Set by registerBlockElement method.

  • inherited

    isObject : Boolean | undefined

    Indicates that the definition describes object element.

  • inherited

    model : String

    Name of the model.

  • inherited

    modelSchema : SchemaItemDefinition | undefined

    The model schema item definition describing registered model.

  • paragraphLikeModel : String | undefined

    Should be used when an element can behave both as a sectioning element (e.g. article) and element accepting only inline content (e.g. paragraph). If an element contains only inline content, this option will be used as a model name.

  • inherited

    view : String | undefined

    Name of the view element.