Description (track-changes)



A description for the suggestion.

		type: 'format',
		label: '*Set format:* bold'

A description for the color-related suggestions like font color may specify the color property that will provide a better UX by displaying a color box next to the suggestion.

		type: 'format',
		label: '*Set font color:*',
		color: {
			value: 'hsl( 60, 60%, 60% )',
			title: 'yellow'



  • color : object | undefined

    The optional color property used for color-related suggestions. The object should provide the value (for displaying the color) and title (for describing the color) fields.

  • content : string

    Description label. You may use * to bold part of the label.

  • type : 'replace' | 'insertion' | 'deletion' | 'format'