DataSchemaInlineElementDefinition (html-support)



A definition of data schema for inline elements.



  • allowEmpty : boolean | undefined

    Indicates that an element should be preserved even if it has no content.

  • appliesToBlock : string | boolean | undefined

    Indicates that element should not be converted as a model text attribute. It is used to map view elements that do not have a separate model element but their data is stored in a model attribute. For example <tbody> element does not have a dedicated model element and GHS stores attributes of <tbody> in the htmlTbodyAttributes model attribute of the table model element.

  • attributeProperties : AttributeProperties | undefined

    Additional metadata describing the model attribute.

  • coupledAttribute : string | undefined

    The name of the model attribute that generates the same view element. GHS inline attribute will be removed from the model tree as soon as the coupled attribute is removed. See GHS post-fixer for more details.

  • inherited

    isBlock : boolean | undefined

    Indicates that the definition describes block element. Set by registerBlockElement method.

  • inherited

    isInline : boolean | undefined

    Indicates that the definition describes inline element.

  • inherited

    isObject : boolean | undefined

    Indicates that the definition describes object element.

  • inherited

    model : string

    Name of the model.

  • inherited

    modelSchema : SchemaItemDefinition | undefined

    The model schema item definition describing registered model.

  • priority : number | undefined

    Element priority. Decides in what order elements are wrapped by DowncastWriter. Set by registerInlineElement method.

  • inherited

    view : string | undefined

    Name of the view element.