InputEventData (engine/view/observer)



The value of the ViewDocumentInputEvent event.



  • readonly

    data : null | string

    A unified text data passed along with the input event. Depending on:

    text data is sometimes passed in the data and sometimes in the dataTransfer property.

    • If InputEvent#data was set, this property reflects its value.
    • If InputEvent#data is unavailable, this property contains the 'text/plain' data from dataTransfer.
    • If the event (input type) provides no data whatsoever, this property is null.
  • readonly

    dataTransfer : DataTransfer

    The data transfer instance of the input event. Corresponds to native InputEvent#dataTransfer.

    The value is null when no dataTransfer was passed along with the input event.

  • readonly inherited

    document : Document

    The instance of the document.

  • readonly inherited

    domEvent : InputEvent

    The DOM event.

  • readonly inherited

    domTarget : HTMLElement

    The DOM target.

  • readonly

    inputType : string

    The type of the input event (e.g. "insertText" or "deleteWordBackward"). Corresponds to native InputEvent#inputType.

  • readonly

    isComposing : boolean

    A flag indicating that the beforeinput event was fired during composition.

    Corresponds to the event-compositionstart, event-compositionupdate, and event-compositionend trio.

  • readonly inherited

    target : Element

    The tree view element representing the target.

  • readonly

    targetRanges : Array<Range>

    Editing view ranges corresponding to DOM ranges provided by the web browser (as returned by InputEvent#getTargetRanges()).

  • readonly inherited

    view : View

    Instance of the view controller.


  • inherited

    preventDefault() → void

    Prevents the native's event default action.


  • inherited

    stopPropagation() → void

    Stops native event propagation.