Options (utils/dom)



The getOptimalPosition() helper options.



  • readonly

    element : HTMLElement

    Element that is to be positioned.

  • readonly

    fitInViewport : boolean | undefined

    When set, the algorithm will chose such a position which fits element the most inside visible viewport.

  • readonly

    limiter : null | RectSource | () => ( null | RectSource ) | undefined

    When set, the algorithm will chose position which fits the most in the limiter's bounding rect.

  • readonly

    positions : readonly Array<PositioningFunction>

    An array of positioning functions.

    Note: Positioning functions are processed in the order of preference. The first function that works in the current environment (e.g. offers the complete fit in the viewport geometry) will be picked by getOptimalPosition().

    Note: Any positioning function returning null is ignored.

  • readonly

    target : RectSource | () => RectSource

    Target with respect to which the element is to be positioned.

  • readonly

    viewportOffsetConfig : object | undefined

    Viewport offset config object. It restricts the visible viewport available to the getOptimalPosition() from each side.

    	top: 50,
    	right: 50,
    	bottom: 50,
    	left: 50