WatchdogItemConfiguration (watchdog)



The watchdog item configuration interface.



  • config : EditorConfig

    An editor configuration.

  • creator : EditorCreatorFunction<Editor>

    A function that initializes the item (the editor). The function takes editor initialization arguments and should return a promise. For example: ( el, config ) => ClassicEditor.create( el, config ).

  • destructor : ( Editor ) => Promise<unknown> | undefined

    A function that destroys the item instance (the editor). The function takes an item and should return a promise. For example: editor => editor.destroy()

  • id : string

    id A unique item identificator.

  • sourceElementOrData : string | HTMLElement

    The source element or data that will be passed as the first argument to the Editor.create() method.

  • type : 'editor'

    The type of the item to create. At the moment, only 'editor' is supported.