PresenceListConfig (real-time-collaboration)



The configuration of the real-time collaboration features.

	.create( {
		presenceList: ... // Collaboration presence list configuration.
	} )
	.then( ... )
	.catch( ... );

See all editor options.



  • collapseAt : number | undefined

    Indicates a number of displayed users at which the presence list will switch to a dropdown view. If the number is 8, then 7 users will still be displayed inline, while 8+ users will be displayed in the dropdown.

    The number must be greater than 0.

    Defaults to 6

  • container : HTMLElement | undefined

    DOM element that will hold the feature’s UI.

  • displayMe : boolean | undefined

    Determines if the local user avatar should be displayed in the presence list (true) or not (false).

    Defaults to true

  • onClick : ( User, HTMLElement ) => void | undefined

    Callback function that will be invoked after a click on a presence list member.