AttributeCreatorFunction (engine/conversion)



A function that takes the model attribute value and downcast conversion API as parameters.



attributeValue : unknown

The model attribute value to be converted to the view attribute element.

conversionApi : DowncastConversionApi

The conversion interface.

data : object

Additional information about the change (same as for attribute event).

data.attributeKey : string

Attribute key.

data.attributeNewValue : unknown

New attribute value.

data.attributeOldValue : unknown

Attribute value before the change. This is null when selection attribute is converted.

data.item : Item

Changed item or converted selection.

data.range : Range

Range spanning over changed item or selection range.


AttributeDescriptor | null

A { key, value } object. If key is 'class', value can be a String or an array of Strings. If key is 'style', value is an object with key-value pairs. In other cases, value is a String.