HeadingOption (heading)



Heading option descriptor.



  • class : String

    The class which will be added to the dropdown item representing this option.

  • inherited

    converterPriority : PriorityString | undefined

    The converter priority.

  • icon : String | undefined

    Icon used by HeadingButtonsUI. It can be omitted when using the default configuration.

  • model : String

    Name of the model element to convert.

  • title : String

    The user-readable title of the option.

  • inherited

    upcastAlso : MatcherPattern | Array.<MatcherPattern> | undefined

    Any view element matching upcastAlso will also be converted to the model. If model describes multiple values, upcastAlso is an object that assigns these values (upcastAlso object keys) to MatcherPatterns (upcastAlso object values).

  • view : ElementDefinition

    Definition of a view element to convert from/to.