guideCKEditor 5 Premium Features free trial

The CKEditor Premium Features free trial allows you to test the services and plugins available on a subscription at no cost for 30 days. The bundle includes some premium features for CKEditor 5 and it allows you to enable and manage all subscriptions in one place without the need to activate them one by one.

The trial versions of all the features retain the full functionality and act just like the real thing, allowing you to thoroughly assess the premium features’ capabilities when integrated with your software.

You can subscribe to the CKEditor Premium Features 30-day free trial here.

If you are already subscribed, move right away to the Quick Start guide of the desired Premium Feature you want to try out!

# Trial services and plugins

At present, the CKEditor Premium Features bundle consists of:

# SaaS features

Real-time collaborative editing with track changes, comments, and revision history Quick start
CKBox Quick start
Export to PDF Quick start
Export to Word Quick start
Import from Word Quick start
Easy Image Quick start

# Standalone/offline plugins

Track Changes and Comments Quick start
Revision History Quick start
Pagination Quick start
AI Assistant Quick start
Productivity Pack with Case change, Document Outline, Format Painter, Paste from Office Enhanced, Slash Commands, Table of Contents and Templates Quick start

All SaaS services have a fully-functional on-premises equivalent. The CKEditor Premium Features free trial allows for testing SaaS services. If you would like to test our on-premises solutions, please contact us.

# More premium features to try

We offer even more premium features for CKEditor 5 that you should also check out. These are not included in this bundle but can also be tested at no cost.

  • MathType – Makes writing complex mathematical and chemical formulas easy in CKEditor 5.
  • Spellchecker – Grammar and spell checking on-the-go, including SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type) as well as distraction-free proofreading for CKEditor 5.
  • CKFinder – A powerful and easy-to-use Ajax file manager for web browsers that allows you to upload, manage and edit your images in CKEditor 5.