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  • add( value, html, text, language )

    Adds an entry displayed inside the rich combo panel.


    value : String
    html : String
    text : String
    language : String
  • since 4.11.0


    Removes all listeners from a rich combo element.

  • render( editor, output )

    Renders the rich combo.


    editor : editor

    The editor instance which this button is to be used by.

    output : Array

    The output array that the HTML relative to this button will be appended to.

  • since 4.14.0

    select( callback )

    Selects a rich combo item based on the first matching result from the given filter function. The filter function takes an object as an argument with value and text fields. The values of these fields match to arguments passed in the add method. In order to obtain a correct result with this method, it is required to open or initialize the rich combo panel.

        var richCombo = editor.ui.get( 'Font' );
        // Required when 'richcombo' was never open in a given editor instance.
        richCombo.createPanel( editor );
    function( item ) {
            return item.value === 'Tahoma' || item.text === 'Tahoma';
        } );


    callback : Function

    The function should return true if a matching element is found.