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guideCKEditor 4 Guides

Getting Started
How to download, install, and use CKEditor 4.
Advanced Installation Tasks
More advanced installation tasks, like installing additional components, upgrading, building and using package managers.
Features Overview
An overview of CKEditor 4 features.
How to integrate CKEditor 4 with frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js and jQuery as well as with webpack, Easy Image, file browsers or uploaders and Accessibility Checker.
CKEditor Deep Dive
More advanced CKEditor 4 concepts, like widgets and content filtering.
How to contribute to CKEditor 4 development.
Compatibility, Compliance, License
Browser compatibility and licensing information.
Most frequently asked questions and answers.

# CKEditor 4 Plugin SDK

Introduction to CKEditor 4 Plugin SDK.
Creating a Basic Plugin
Creating a CKEditor 4 Plugin in 20 Lines of Code.
Simple Plugin Tutorial
Learn by creating a simple plugin, part 1.
Integration with ACF
Integrate a plugin with Advanced Content Filter.
Plugin Stylesheets
How to add plugin styles and integrate them with CKEditor 4.

# CKEditor 4 Widget SDK

Creating custom CKEditor 4 widgets.
Widget Tutorial
Learn by creating a simple widget.

# CKEditor 4 Skin SDK

Creating custom CKEditor 4 skins.
Advanced Concepts
In-depth details about concepts that constitute a skin.
Creating a Custom Skin
The workflow of creating a custom skin.