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Lightweight template used to build the output string from variables.

// HTML template for presenting a label UI.
var tpl = new CKEDITOR.template( '<div class="{cls}">{label}</div>' );
alert( tpl.output( { cls: 'cke-label', label: 'foo'} ) ); // '<div class="cke-label">foo</div>'

// Since 4.12.0 it is possible to pass a callback function that returns a template.
var tpl2 = new CKEDITOR.template( function( data ) {
    return data.image ? '<img src="{image}" alt="{label}"/>' : '{label}';
} );
alert( tpl2.output( { image: null, label: 'foo'} ) ); // 'foo'
alert( tpl2.output( { image: '/some-image.jpg', label: 'foo'} ) ); // <img src="/some-image.jpg" alt="foo"/>



  • readonly

    source : String | Function

    The current template source.

    Note that support for the Function type was added in version 4.12.0 .


  • constructor( source ) → template

    Creates a template class instance.


    source : String | Function

    A string with the template source or a callback that will return such string. The handling of the Function type was added in version 4.12.0 .


  • output( data, [ buffer ] ) → String | Number

    Processes the template, filling its variables with the provided data.


    data : Object

    An object containing properties whose values will be used to fill the template variables. The property names must match the template variables names. Variables without matching properties will be kept untouched.

    [ buffer ] : Array

    An array that the output data will be pushed into. The number of entries appended to the array is unknown.


    String | Number

    If buffer has not been provided, the processed template output data; otherwise the new length of buffer.