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class since 4.4.4 private

A class encapsulating all native event listeners which have to be used in order to handle undo manager integration for native editing actions (excluding drag and drop and paste support handled by the Clipboard plugin).

Undo manager owning the handler.



  • keyEventsStack : KeyEventsStack

    since 4.4.5

    A stack of pressed keys.

  • lastKeydownImage : Image

    An image of the editor during the keydown event (therefore without DOM modification).

  • undoManager : UndoManager

    An undo manager instance owning the editing handler.

  • ignoreInputEvent : Boolean

    since 4.4.5 private

    See ignoreInputEventListener.

    Defaults to false


  • constructor( undoManager ) → NativeEditingHandler


    undoManager : UndoManager


  • activateInputEventListener()

    since 4.7.3

    Stops ignoring input events.

  • attachListeners()

    Attaches editable listeners required to provide the undo functionality.

  • ignoreInputEventListener()

    Makes the next input event to be ignored.

  • onInput()

    The input event listener.

  • onKeydown( evt )

    The keydown event listener.


    evt : event
  • onKeyup( evt )

    The keyup event listener.


    evt : event
  • onNavigationKey( skipContentCompare )

    Method called for navigation change. At first it will check if current content does not differ from the last saved snapshot.

    • If the content is different, the method creates a standard, extra snapshot.
    • If the content is not different, the method will compare the selection, and will amend the last snapshot selection if it changed.


    skipContentCompare : Boolean

    If set to true, it will not compare content, and only do a selection check.