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class singleton

Global command class definitions and global helpers.



  • registerCommands( editor, commands )

    Registers content-specific commands as a part of the indentation system directed by generic commands. Once a command is registered, it listens for events of a related generic command.

    CKEDITOR.plugins.indent.registerCommands( editor, {
        'indentlist': new indentListCommand( editor, 'indentlist' ),
        'outdentlist': new indentListCommand( editor, 'outdentlist' )
    } );

    Content-specific commands listen for the generic command's exec and try to execute their own jobs, one after another. If some execution is successful, is set so no more jobs (commands) are involved.

    Content-specific commands also listen for the generic command's refresh and fill the object with states of jobs. A generic command uses this data to determine its own state and to update the UI.


    editor : editor

    The editor instance this command is applied to.

    commands : Object

    An object of CKEDITOR.command.