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guideExtended Support Model

# Commercial support

CKEditor 4 was launched in 2012 and reached its End of Life (EOL) on June 30, 2023.

A special edition, CKEditor 4 LTS (“Long Term Support”), is available under commercial terms (“Extended Support Model”) for anyone looking to extend the coverage of security updates and critical bug fixes.

This limited-time-only package guarantees that your editor remains secure, with uninterrupted access to all functionality until December 2026.

  • Security Vulnerability Assurance (standard inclusion)

Ensures security fixes are provided for any CKEditor 4 bugs which threaten the security of your application.

  • Third-party API Changes Assurance (optional extra)

CKSource resolves any critical/high-severity issues in CKEditor 4 caused by changes in third-party apps (e.g. browser, MS Word) that CKEditor 4 depends on for its functionality (time limitations apply).

  • Standard Support (optional extra)

Access the CKSource Customer Support team for ongoing support requests as per your standard contract terms.

# Purchasing a license

If you wish to purchase a commercial CKEditor 4 LTS license, contact us to receive an offer tailored to your needs.