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class abstract

Virtual class that illustrates the API of CKEDITOR.editor instance plugins dictionary.

Such object contains references to all plugins used by a related editor instance.

See CKEDITOR.editor.plugins for example use.

This class is not really a part of the API, so its constructor can not be called.



  • since 4.10.1

    detectConflict( plugin, conflicted ) → Boolean

    Checks the plugin for conflicts with other plugins.

    If a conflict occurs, this function will send a console warning with the editor-plugin-conflict error code. The order of the conflicted names is respected where the first conflicted plugin has the highest priority and will be used in a warning message.

    editor.plugins.detectConflict( 'image', [ 'image2', 'easyimage' ] );


    plugin : String

    Current plugin name.

    conflicted : String[]

    Names of plugins that conflict with the current plugin.



    Returns true if there is a conflict. Returns false otherwise.