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The following article contains tips about the resources that you can refer to when you need some help with CKEditor 4.

# Extended Support Model

CKEditor 4 reached its End of Life (EOL) in June 2023. From then on, it will receive no more updates, new features, bug fixes, and most importantly, security patches.

Please refer to the Migration from CKEditor 4 guide to learn what steps you should take to switch to CKEditor 5.

If you have an active CKEditor 4 subscription and need help, you can contact our support team. If you are not ready to migrate yet, for a limited time we are offering a paid Extended Support Model that will protect you against security vulnerabilities and/or breaking third-party API changes.

# Commercial support

If you have an active commercial license, like Extended Support Model, please contact us directly.

# Documentation

CKEditor 4 comes with really extensive documentation that you should read and plenty of samples that you can try out and even download to copy and implement in your own environment.

# Stack Overflow

The “ckeditor” and “ckeditor4.x” tags at Stack Overflow are where CKEditor developers and integrators can share their problems and solutions. CKEditor 4 has grown as an Open Source product, thanks to the amazing community of developers and users. The ckeditor and ckeditor4.x tags at Stack Overflow work in an Open Source way, too, so you are encouraged to not only ask questions but also answer them and help fellow developers. It will be much appreciated!