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Gökçe Tosun

Gökçe Tosun

Marketing and Content Specialist

Binge watches. Binge critiques. Obsessed with painting 🎨, future AI overlords 🤖 and emojis ❤️.


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Bett + CKEditor on the front and in the background people discussing on some project

What to focus on when choosing an editor for your education software – Bett UK 2022

On 23-25 March 2022, CKEditor 5 is joining Bett UK where 400+ Edtech providers will share their solutions with the educational community. But before we land in London and tell you all about easy and reliable writing solutions CKEditor 5 can offer, we would like to quickly go over some key points education software creators should watch out for when choosing a rich text editor for their software, and what sort of performance they can expect from CKEditor 5 in those areas.

How to successfully launch a software application

How to successfully launch a software application on Product Hunt in 2020?

So you’ve created an application and want it to reach a mass audience. Product Hunt is one of the most popular and easy ways to do this. In GitHub Writer’s case, Product Hunt helped the new application reach 1000 downloads. This Open Source side project, which is based on CKEditor 5, is a browser extension that brings WYSIWYG editing to GitHub. It was one of the top 5 products on the day of its launch and as such was promoted in its newsletter and socials. Read on to learn more about how you can make the best out of a Product Hunt launch as well.

Free Online HTML Editor

A simple on-the-go online HTML editor

Looking for a ready-to-use WYSIWYG editor access, without having to deal with any integrations? We got your back with our new website Read on to learn more.

What to consider when choosing the best WYSIWYG HTML editor

What to consider when choosing the best WYSIWYG HTML editor

Struggling to choose a writing solution that will fit your software perfectly? Maybe you need a brush up on which features, specifications and perks you should watch out for in 2020? Read on to learn about the most important things you should look for when choosing the best WYSIWYG HTML editor for your software project.

People working in SaaS industry using collaborative editing features for the good

5 ways SaaS companies can benefit from collaborative editing with CKEditor 5

SaaStr Annual is there to help SaaS businesses scale up and we are going to be there to show how a good WYSIWYG editor can contribute to that. We want to show that CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features can provide a modern writing experience for every application. Whether you would like to spice up the software you create or your internal team dynamic, here are five reasons why SaaS companies should choose a collaborative rich text editor like CKEditor 5.

CKEditor 5 going to FETC.

7 reasons why your LMS needs a better and collaborative WYSIWYG editor

We are taking CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features to the Future of Education Technology Conference in Miami on January 14-17, 2020. But before we meet there, we would like to talk about what makes a WYSIWYG rich text editor so important for learning management systems and education applications. If you are an education software creator, school’s in-house technology person, or a concerned educator who is not happy with the current writing experience in your education software, read on!

Exhibiting CKEditor 5 with collaboration features at Fintech Connect

FinTech Connect 2019 - Optimize your content with CKEditor 5

We will be exhibiting CKEditor 5 and collaboration features at FinTech Connecton 3-4 December at ExCeL London. FinTech Connect is one of the leading financial technology conferences where major financial institutions connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. The event is the perfect place for creating dialogue around digital transformation, payments, financial security regtech and blockchain.

CKEditor 5, rich text editor, attending DCX in Berlin

Future of content calls for the best rich text editor - DCX 2019

We will be exhibiting CKEditor 5 and collaboration features in Berlin on 8-9 October at the Digital Content Expo. DCX is an annual international expo for Digital Content Management, Content Services and Publishing. This year’s event will be focusing on the “Future of Content” through the topics of content creation, distribution and monetization.

CKEditor 5 collaboration journey and update on what were we up to

Collaboration journey of CKEditor 5 - What were we up to

It has been a while since we updated you about how we are doing on the collaboration front. Today, we are happy to announce that all three of CKEditor 5 collaboration features - comments, track changes, and real-time collaborative editing are now in perfect harmony. You can edit, use key features like tables, paste from Word and Google Docs, comment or suggest changes on the document with collaborators. All in real-time.

HangHub a new teamwork productivity tool for Github

Meet HangHub, a new productivity tool for GitHub

While working on ways to make CKEditor 5 the ultimate collaboration framework, we also learned a lot about collaboration itself. Our communication troubles when using GitHub inspired us to create HangHub, a team productivity tool that lets you see other users who are working on the same GitHub issue or pull request as you. Read more to learn about HangHub.

CKEditor, the next rich text editor at TNW 2019

The next rich text editor is at The Next Web 2019!

We are super excited to announce that we will be in Amsterdam on May 9 & 10th to participate in TNW2019. TNW is Europe’s leading tech festival and conference with over 15K visitors, 80 industry-leading speakers, and 300 exhibitors. As it self-identifies as “the heart of tech”, the conference aims to celebrate innovation.

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