Drupal saves its users millions of hours thanks to CKEditor

Drupal is the leading CMS made by one of the largest open source communities. CKEditor empowers content creators on hundreds of thousands of Drupal 8 sites, ensuring outstanding rich-text editing experience.

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CKEditor is helping Steeplechasers' members focus on their core activities and do even more good

Steeplechasers is a local non-profit organization that promotes running and supports charities. CKEditor enhances its content creation and communication tools.

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Hive Networks

Hive Networks provides collaborative tools to combat pediatric diseases thanks to CKEditor 5

Hive Networks has a platform to help collaboratively identify strategies to fight pediatric diseases. CKEditor 5 powers it with real-time collaboration to bring healthcare specialists, patients, and doctors together.

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CKEditor is helping Mailchain provide a simple, secure, and decentralized messaging experience

Mailchain is a blockchain-based messaging platform. CKEditor provides them a world-beating rich-text editor.

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Placement provides much-needed support for job seekers thanks to CKEditor

Placement is a tool that guides job seekers all the way through their search. CKEditor gives them a rich text-powered collaborative medium to work on cover letters and CVs, as well as communicate with coaches.

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CKEditor stands behind Plutio as it builds higher and stronger

Plutio is an all-in-one project management platform, perfectly tailored to the needs of freelancers thanks to CKEditor 5’s extensive customizability options.

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Agreemint speeds up contract negotiation and post-close management with the help of CKEditor

Agreemint is an AI-based application aiming to alleviate bottlenecks in B2B negotiations. With CKEditor’s Comments and Track Changes features, it really helps speed up contract negotiation and post-close management.

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Renku is taking on the data reproducibility crisis with the help of CKEditor

Renku is a tool by the Swiss Data Science Center that encourages sharing data and code during the research process. CKEditor’s rich text editing features are an important component of Renku’s mission.

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CKEditor helps Foraus improve ideation in civic engagement thanks to real-time collaboration

Policy Kitchen is a project by Foraus, a think tank that publishes policy recommendations and hosts workshops all around the world. To help these workshops operate smoothly, CKEditor is helping refocus their software to become collaboration-centric.

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Spotlight simplifies its content creation process with CKEditor

Spotlight is a platform that connects digital agencies and technology vendors with industry analysts. CKEditor 5 with real-time collaboration features plays a crucial role in making the business successful.

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Neos CMS saves time and boosts productivity with CKEditor

Neos CMS is an innovative open source content management system committed to being user-friendly. CKEditor provides the most modern editor tailored specifically to Neos’ needs and thus contributes to making the product successful.

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CKEditor with real-time collaboration saves Tablo hours of development

Tablo Writer, a product used in education, allows for real-time collaboration between students. CKEditor 5 provided Tablo with the most modern collaborative rich text editor that opened up new business opportunities for the company.

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TravAlliancemedia develops into a feature-rich and user-friendly platform

TravAlliancemedia caters to travel agents with their platform, Agent Studio. With this website builder, travel agents can create their own travel agency website in just a minute. Thanks to the user-friendly features of CKEditor, they were able to decrease the number of support tickets.

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CKEditor becomes an intuitive note-taking tool for IDEXX

IDEXX provides Practice Information Management software for the veterinary sector. CKEditor 4 is predominantly used in medical note-taking during the consultations as well as in other parts of the software. See how CKEditor became the perfect medical note-taking tool for IDEXX users.

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