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A year to remember: 2022 at CKEditor in a nutshell

2022 was a truly game-changing year for CKSource and CKEditor 5. Launching CKBox and Import from Word, becoming the default editor with the release of Drupal 10, introducing new branding and website design, and getting the Great Place to Work® certification are just some of our successes and milestones achieved in the year 2022.

CKSource - a truly “Great Place to Work®”!

In September 2022, CKSource officially joined the exclusive group of organizations certified with the Great Place to Work® title. This award is the most recognizable distinction for the “employer of choice” that companies aspire to and the only certification based entirely on what employees say about their experiences in the workplace. And 100% of CKSource employees agreed that “this is a friendly place to work” and “when you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.”

CKEditor 5’s undiscovered treasures: 4 features you should know about

It’s hard to imagine CKEditor 5 without some of its premium features, such as Track Changes, Real-time collaborative editing, Revision History, Comments, or Spell checking. But apart from these powerful functionalities, CKEditor offers some undiscovered treasures - lesser-known yet very beneficial features it’s easy to overlook, like Restricted editing, Find and replace, or Annotations display mode. In this blog post, we’re putting them in the limelight.

What clients love about CKEditor the most

A lot can be said about the editing experience CKEditor provides. It can be called top-notch, ultra-modern, dynamic, or simply outstanding. But what exactly do clients love about CKEditor the most? What do they praise most often? Meet top qualities and best features that users simply can’t do without.

How different industries make use of CKEditor. Part 3: Digital publishing & CMS solutions, educational software, and project management tools

CKEditor is a fully-fledged content creation solution, used heavily by companies across various sectors and disciplines, and appreciated by millions of end-users worldwide. In the third part of our overview of CKEditor use cases, we put industries such as digital publishing & CMS solutions, educational software, and project management tools in the limelight.

CKEditor in the foreground with highlighted Track changes option

How different industries make use of CKEditor. Part 2: Legal & advisory sectors, manufacturing & retail industry, governmental institutions

CKEditor is a versatile tool that is successfully used by over 30,000 clients operating in a variety of industries and environments. In the second part of our overview of CKEditor use cases, we shed light on legal and advisory sectors, the manufacturing and retail industry, governmental institutions and state administration, as well as market research. How exactly do particular organizations benefit from using CKEditor?

Piotrek Koszuliński, the leader of the team behind the creation of CKEditor 5. In his daily work, he focuses on software architecture and team development.

Freedom in IT. What are the advantages of working on your own product? A talk with Piotrek Koszuliński, CKEditor 5 Project Leader

Piotrek Koszuliński is the leader of the team behind the creation and success of CKEditor 5. In our interview, he shares his thoughts on the reasons why this product is so unique and so popular. He also sheds light on the technical side of CKEditor 5, ins and outs of creating a top-notch open-source project, and some of the mistakes made along the way.

CKEditor in the background and some people at the front

How different industries make use of CKEditor. Part 1: Healthcare, banking, insurance, accounting & real estate sectors

The complete CKEditor solution, packed with stable, reliable components, can help any business start with a bang or accelerate its growth immensely. It can truly be a game-changer for many organizations - regardless if they are Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, or other projects. How exactly do particular businesses, representing healthcare, banking, insurance, accounting, and real estate sectors, make use of it?

Guy with the CKEditor flag on the top of the mountain

Best project management tools - tips on how to succeed

Powerful project management software plays a pivotal role in digital transformation and belongs to the most efficient online solutions. Project management tools help to make the workflow run smooth, with progress being tracked - which may be crucial in making any task successful. But how to succeed when developing such a tool? Which features and components are truly vital in this regard?

Three people with laptops

Is coding for everyone?

Is coding for everyone? Can anyone become a software developer? If you think that you’re “unsuited” for IT professions and keep on repeating that you’re “just not a math person”, you may be very wrong. Learn why the right attitude matters so much in this case and what are the key prerequisites and conditions to kickstart a professional coding career.

Editor and two comments on the right

5 best collaborative writing strategies for 2022

Collaborative writing is getting increasingly popular within modern organizations. But it is not as simple as it might seem. To make the process of crafting great content together smooth and more effective, the right collaborative writing strategies need to be adopted. In this article, we shed light on some of the best collaborative writing strategies to utilize in 2022 and beyond.

2021 balloon

Celebrating CKSource’s highlights. 2021 in a nutshell

For CKSource, 2021 was marked by meaningful events and major successes. We were able to adapt to COVID-19 constraints and got back on track by adopting some flexible solutions. We participated, in person, in important industry events, organized a cool company meet-up but, primarily, were focused on refining our products, and implementing some new captivating features for both existing and new clients. We keep evolving and look forward to the year 2022 with self-confidence, gratitude, excitement, and hope.

Person sitting at the desk and doing something on the laptop

How programming affects your brain

How programming affects your brain as a software developer is not a mystery anymore. Dealing with complex corner cases, breaking down difficult problems, or performing source code reviews can activate the brain’s learning centers and increase cognitive abilities, to name but a few benefits. One of the ways of empowering your brain capabilities this way is getting a job at and growing with CKSource.

Content collaboration best practices

Effective collaboration is the lifeblood of modern, progressive organizations – helping them win a competitive advantage in the race for greater productivity. Indeed, a smart and properly designed creative team can do wonders in this regard. But as far as content collaboration is concerned, what’s also crucial are content collaboration best practices and tools that complement them. It’s truly beneficial to get to know and utilize them.

People planning tasks on the board

Agile project management - how we do it at CKSource

Agile project management is still making the headlines, despite being 20 years old. The benefits of its application are countless and priceless, and we are well aware of that at CKSource. Software developers who join us can see for themselves that going Agile and relying on continuous feedback simply makes the work done faster and more pleasant, and the results of it are often more than impressive. With this blog post, we’re continuing a cycle on the reasons why it is so beneficial to launch your career with CKSource or switch to this company from your current endeavor.

Two people sitting on the chairs. One of them is recruiter, other one is trying to get a job.

A candidate-friendly recruitment process is here at CKSource. Come join us!

Every recruitment process can be a smooth experience. And at CKSource, we are well aware of that, showing respect to candidates from the very beginning of the way, and providing them with just the right amount of information they need to get started. What’s more, we’re open to junior software developers, offering them support and appreciation. Such an attitude pays off for both sides in the long run. With this blog post, we’re continuing a cycle on the reasons why it is so good and so beneficial to launch your career with CKSource or switch to this company from your current endeavor.

Best practices of remote work are in use at CKSource. Come join us!

Working remotely best practices are something that people who work from home often know little about. For many, telecommuting is a nightmare, and they dream about coming back to the office any time soon. But at CKSource, it’s not like that at all. For the majority of our job positions, employees are free to decide whether they work on-site, within the hybrid model, or fully remotely. And they often choose the latter, greatly enjoying work-life balance, smooth communication within the team, and taking care of their well-being and growth.

Have a truly relaxing holiday with CKEditor 5

Having a well-deserved holiday is crucial for our health and well-being, especially this year. And no matter where we go, CKEditor 5 will help us live in the moment and fully relax. Thanks to its immensely useful and versatile features, we may rest assured that the workload that awaits us will be well-organized and much easier to handle. And simply stop thinking about the upcoming burden of returning to the office.

Feedback culture matters at CKSource. Come join us!

Feedback culture is a true revelation for all those who hadn’t become acquainted with it before. But at CKSource, we are used to it and have mastered it for many years, being well aware that it’s something that results in a smoother workflow, increased productivity and, first and foremost, happier employees. Thanks to it, they may enjoy the company culture where they are heard and appreciated, and their efforts are recognized.

With this blog post, we’re starting a cycle on the reasons why it is so good and so beneficial to launch your career with CKSorce or switch to this company from your current endeavor.

Learn how bad meetings can ruin your business, and what you can do to save it from the meeting madness efficiently.

How to save companies from the meeting madness

They are soul-sucking, time-consuming, and extremely expensive. They bring companies and employees down, diminishing their performance. Still, many team leaders feel that holding more and more bad or unproductive meetings is their duty, and something their organizations simply cannot go without. But the truth is completely different. Breaking out of meeting overload may not be easy, but there are effective ways of doing it right. And CKEditor 5 with collaboration has a role to play here, too.

How collaborative innovation makes companies more competitive and better

How collaborative innovation makes companies more competitive and better

The world of business is changing lightning fast, so you need to tread carefully. There are many examples of companies that stood still among the hasty race and eventually failed, like Nokia or Yahoo!, and of those who strived to take the innovative challenge and ultimately won. Embracing innovations to the fullest is what real-time collaboration and CKEditor 5 enable and enhance. There are hundreds of successful, progressive companies that were able to find out that collaboration is what encourages businesses to innovate more and do it better.

Real-time collaboration: Improve the company’s performance easily thanks to CKEditor 5 collaborative editing software!

Real-time collaboration tools in 2022 - 7 benefits you get from using it

There are dozens of advantages and benefits real-time collaboration can impress us with. Here, we’ve selected seven that our clients love and value the most. Have a look below and discover how collaborative editing can optimize content workflow, save time, effort, and money, help reach flawless effects, trigger greater productivity, create an innovative mindset, and — on top of that — give the whole team a lot of space, freedom, and fun. Easily.

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