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Enhance your Drupal experience with CKEditor – a robust WYSIWYG rich text editor offering leading edge, innovative features including real-time and asynchronous collaboration, AI integration, effortless file conversion, and more.

Your Ultimate Drupal WYSIWYG Editor

CKEditor’s been a dedicated contributor to Drupal since 2009.

In 2012 CKEditor 4 became the core WYSIWYG editing module in Drupal 8, and remained the core editor in Drupal 9.
Now, after a two- year-long collaborative effort, CKEditor 5 is the default WYSIWYG editor module in Drupal 10.

CKEditor 4 Long Term Support

The LTS module allows Drupal users to safely use CKEditor 4 beyond its end-of-life by providing security updates until December 2026.


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CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack

The free module integrates additional editing capabilities into Drupal, bridging the gap between the default core module and the standalone CKEditor 5.

CKEditor in numbers

  • Over 1000 APIs

  • Over 300 features

  • 100% code coverage

  • Over 50 developers

  • Over 1500 enterprise customers

Extend your editor with the CKEditor 5
Pack module

Enhance your Drupal editing experience with our free module,
offering a curated selection of features.

No license key required

  • Text transformation
  • To-do list
  • Full screen mode
  • Word count
  • Block indentation
  • Find and replace
  • Fonts and Highlight

Plus Premium features


Multiple users can write, comment, suggest changes, and view revision history of their content. Work in real time or asynchronously, with a full notifications system.


Enhance document editing and accelerate content creation with features such as Templates, Slash Commands, Paste from Office Enhanced, AI Assistant and more.

Content Conversion

Effortlessly convert files directly within the editor with Import from Word, Export to Word, and Export to PDF features.

Spell and grammar check

Easy to integrate, modern and customizable Multilingual proofreading with autocorrect and autocomplete suggestions by WProofreader.

CKEditor is mature, accessible and has a great development team behind it.
Wim Leers

Wim Leers

Drupal Core CKEditor integration Maintainer

Still using CKEditor 4?

CKEditor 4 reached its end-of-life in June 2023 and won’t have any further feature or security updates. However, the LTS (Long Term Support) Module extends support for Drupal users, ensuring a protected editing environment with security fixes until December 2026.

To continue using CKEditor 4 in your Drupal project, download the LTS Module and activate it with your Extended Support Model key (obtained during purchase). 

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Frequently asked questions

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The method by which you set up the editor in Drupal depends on which version of CKEditor you’re using, and the Drupal version where you’re implementing the editor.

When CKEditor is available as a core module, there is no need for installation or any extra steps. When it’s available as a contributed module, you need to install the module yourself. Details about configuration of both core and contributed modules and documentation can be found on the module pages.

CKEditor 4

CKEditor 5

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Simply add the additional CKEditor features to your project with the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack Module. The module allows you to pick the features you’d like to add to your project as well as customize their behavior.

Additionally, you can use CKEditor 5 Premium Features Module, to integrate Premium features that require CKEditor Commercial License key activation. If you need a license key, please contact us or sign up for a free trial.

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The module includes easy integration of popular CKEditor 5 Premium features:

  • Real-time and Asynchronous Collaboration, including Track Changes, Comments, Revision History

  • AI Assistant

  • Export to PDF and Word

  • Import From Word

  • Slash Commands, Document Outline, Table of Contents, Format Painter, Paste from Office Enhanced

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Absolutely! With our 30-day free trial, you can try all our Premium features with no obligation to purchase.

Our Premium features are also available to try on our demo pages.

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The CKEditor 4 LTS (Long Term Support) Module is the only version of CKEditor 4 that has access to essential security fixes.

The LTS module requires a license key for activation. Customers who have purchased the Extended Support Model Package can get access to a license key on the CKEditor dashboard.

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Questions about our products or pricing?

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