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Frederico Knabben

Frederico Knabben


Frederico holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising and has more than 15 years of experience in the IT market as a developer and business man.


Active from 28.2.2003

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GitHub Writer: challenge accepted

GitHub Writer: challenge accepted!

It all started back in 2014, when the CKSource team gathered together in our usual meetups. Something really special was up for discussion: a brainstorm about the future of CKEditor. That meeting seeded the ideas and foundation for the amazing products we made available since then, including CKEditor 5 and Collaboration.

CKEditor 5 - A new era for rich text editing

CKEditor 5: A new era for rich text editing

The heart of the new CKEditor Ecosystem is undoubtedly our brand new editor, CKEditor 5. It’s not simply the next major version of one the most popular rich text editors out there. It’s the next chapter on what web text editors are, how they should be used and what possibilities they bring.

CKEditor Ecosystem

Introducing the new CKEditor Ecosystem

CKEditor is now a range of solutions dedicated to in-browser text editing. It includes the rich text editor (now editors!) that has led the market for more than 13 years and brand new products dedicated to real-time collaborative editing, better writing and advanced editing features.

CKSource  - Open (Source) for 10 Years!

‘It all started in 2003. The decision of bringing my pet project into the open — to an environment I was still unfamiliar with. In a period when Open Source Software wasn’t yet a fashionable thing to do in order to show that you’re cool.’

Editor Recommendations Project

'What features should a rich text editor have? Should bold produce the ‘strong’ or the ‘b’ HTML tag? Should underline be included? What about formatting features like font size or color?

Designing Software in the Open

‘Last year I’ve introduced some details about CKEditor 5, our new content editing platform, which will reach the market in 2016. Since then, we’ve made very good progress with its development. We’re almost finalizing the code for the basic infrastructure that will support the editor’s core.
There is one aspect though that has not been emphasized enough so far  -  the fact that (since the very beginning) we have been designing CKEditor 5 in the open, so anyone can jump in to help us or to simply share their opinion.’

CKEditor 5 - The Future of Rich Text Editing

CKEditor has made a long way in more than 12 years of its existence. During this time, it has been greatly improved in many aspects, becoming a rock-solid solution for web applications, reaching 15 million downloads recently.
The Web itself changed during these years. New standards emerged together with new ways of consuming and sharing information. A much stronger understanding about the value of web content has developed, for the benefit of the present and the future of the world. JavaScript finally showed its power in the everyday life of people and the web technology evolved to become the mandatory option for modern software.

WOW! Over 15 Million Downloads!

This week we crossed an amazing milestone reaching 15 million downloads of CKEditor historically (check the website footer). In 2014 alone we had 3 million downloads! Impressive!

CKEditor Forever Open Source!

On April 1st we posted an article about CKEditor closing its source code. This was obviously an April Fools joke, or more precisely an opportunity to use satire to remind the community of our Open Source position. CKEditor is not going commercial and has no intention of ever doing so. CKSource is also not cooperating with any government agency!

CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary!

It’s official! CKEditor is 10 years old! Exactly a decade ago I endeavored on a JavaScript project for Internet Explorer 6 (WAT!) bearing my initials (I was young and crazy). The result was an Open Source WYSIWYG editor called FCKeditor, later CKEditor (find the easter egg on our home page!). Time sure flew by… Today we are celebrating the editor’s 10th anniversary!

The CKEditor Add-Ons Forum

With the intent of providing a central place where the creative members of our community can exchange plugins and skins for CKEditor, we are opening a new forum named “CKEditor 3 Add-Ons”.

CKEditor 3.6.2 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of CKEditor 3.6.2. This is mainly a maintenance release that follows the latest major version of our editor and contains a handful of bug fixes as well as some nice new features.

CKSource Graded Browser Support

Starting from the next CKEditor and CKFinder releases, we will be managing browser compatibility support of our projects in a different and modern way. After some consideration, we have decided to use the YUI Graded Browser Support (also known as “GBS”) as the basis for our products. We will, however, add a few exceptions to the YUI GBS model that we feel are important for our user base.

CKFinder for ASP.NET Released!

The FileBrowser control of the CKFinder integration for ASP.NET offers a simple solution to automatically configure CKEditor in a single call. In order to achieve this, it is enough to use the newly added SetupCKEditor method. For example:

Help Japan Now!

Following the dramatic events in Japan, with an earthquake of 8.9 on the Richter scale and a disastrous tsunami, we would like to encourage everyone to support the international Japan relief funds. For a start, we have decided to donate 10% of our gross revenue during the coming weeks to different organizations that provide support for people who are suffering due to this tragedy. We will post more details about the organizations we have chosen to support soon.

CKEditor + WAI-ARIA = Usable Accessibility

With the release of CKEditor 3.2, a year ago, we have re-launched our accessibility strategy, making it based on the WAI-ARIA standards. This is something we have been working on for several months in strict cooperation with IBM, satisfying their high level of accessibility requirements. It certainly took our accessibility support, already significant in previous releases, to a much higher level, allowing us to support the W3C WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 guidelines.

6 Million Downloads!

Amazing numbers are coming out of our 2010 summary. Our company is growing fast , which simply reflects the success of our projects. Among the ways to measure this success one important factor deserves a special mention: the number of direct downloads.

2010 — What a Year!

Year 2010 is just about to end so it is a perfect opportunity for a brief digest of what is already behind us. It was a very important year for us for a number of reasons, including the successful introduction of CKEditor 3, the launch of CKEditor for SharePoint — our first commercial integration, the increase of company size, and a strong business development, with revenue growth of 110%.

CKEditor for SharePoint: The Ultimate Editing Solution

We are proud to present CKEditor for SharePoint, a unique solution that integrates the most popular online editor in the world into Microsoft SharePoint. It replaces the very limited built-in editing solution of that platform with a full-featured and customizable WYSIWYG editor.

CKEditor 3.4.1 released!

This is our usual maintenance release, focused on fixing and enhancing minor details on the editor. There are also some important improvements on browser compatibility, specially with Safari, Chrome and Opera.

CKEditor 3.4 released!

This is another nice CKEditor release, introducing several exclusive features into the editor, like BiDi support, the ability to resize table columns with a mouse click, enhancements to the TAB key navigation on tables, support for read-only regions, the good and old autogrow plugin, among others.

CKEditor 3.4 Beta released!

This is another nice CKEditor release, introducing several exclusive features into the editor, like BiDi support, the ability to resize table columns with a mouse click, enhancements to the TAB key navigation on tables, support for read-only regions, the good and old autogrow plugin, among others.

CKEditor 3.3 released!

CKEditor is getting more and more stable, and this release comes to introduce changes that will help us shape its features, improving every detail of it.

CKEditor 3.2 released!

This is an extremely important release for us. It takes the accessibility support in CKEditor to the highest levels. Now CKEditor implements and delivers an interface totally based on WAI-ARIA.

CKEditor 3.1 released!

Four months after the launch of CKEditor 3.0, we finally have the first minor release of the 3.x series: CKEditor 3.1. This is supposed to become one of the most important releases for the future history of this series as it introduces several features we’ve planned for the 3.0, but which we were not able to have on it.

CKEditor: Loading performance details

People have been talking a lot about CKEditor 3 on the web. We’re having very good feedback for the nice stuff we’ve brought with our new editor. One of the most noticeable changes is its loading performance.

FCKeditor 2.6.5 released!

A new major release of our good and widely known FCKeditor is available. We’ve been focused on fixing small compatibility issues with some browsers (IE8 mainly) and porting a nice feature introduced with CKEditor 3, our unique Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT) solution.

CKEditor 3.0 is here!

After almost two years of intensive development, it’s a pleasure to release the first stable version of CKEditor 3.0, our next generation browser based WYSIWYG editor. This is the next big thing following the birth of CKSource.

2009: The birth of CKSource

It’s a pleasure to finally present to the public the results of the intensive work we’ve been doing during almost two years. CKSource is here, together with its new family of products, CKEditor and CKFinder.

CKEditor 3.0 Beta 2 released!

This is a fully functional beta, containing all features we expect providing in the first stable release of CKEditor 3.0. You can now enjoy amazing performance, full accessibility support and a powerful and extensible JavaScript API, having most of the features you are used to have with FCKeditor.

FCKeditor 2.6.4 released!

The stabilization of FCKeditor 2.6.4 Beta has been completed successfully. We are proud to come with a brand new version of our editor, ready for production use.

CKEditor 3.0 Beta released!

We’ve been working hard during the last year to produce our new generation editor. It is something completely new, out of comparison to any solution available in the market.

FCKeditor 2.6.4 Beta released

This new version introduces the WebSpellChecker integration, a zero-installation solution for spell checking provided by You will now have a wonderful spell checker running out of the box, requiring no server side installations and configurations.

FCKeditor.Java 2.4.1 released

This is a minor release, fixing some small issues found with version 2.4. For more details, please visit our dedicated web site for the Java Integration.


Wow! Things are working well for us. Exactly one year ago we have reached 2 million downloads, accumulating yet another million now. That’s amazing, considering that we are counting only direct downloads, excluding the thousands of systems out there that contain FCKeditor embedded.

FCKeditor 2.6.3 released

The stabilization of FCKeditor 2.6.3 Beta has been completed successfully with a few minor issues being fixed. We are happy to bring another nice release to public, with some important new features.

FCKeditor.Net 2.6.3 released

This new version of our ASP.Net integration fixes incompatibility issues with the Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX UpdatePanel. Other minor fixes are also included.

FCKeditor 2.6.3 Beta released

This new release brings some nice new features to FCKeditor like the DIV Container Tool, ‘non breaking space’ support and automatic e-mail protection. As usual, it also includes some minor fixes.

FCKeditor.Java 2.4 released

The stabilization of version 2.4 of our Java integration package has been completed successfully. One important issue has been solved, making upgrading strongly recommended.

FCKeditor 2.6.2 released

This new version removes a small annoyance with the enter key, introduced with the brand new Firefox 3. Other minor bugs have been also fixed.

FCKeditor 2.6.1 released

To match the Opera 9.5 release, here we have a new version of FCKeditor. Other than providing better compatibility with this new browser, it fixes several important bugs and brings some few nice features to our editor.

FCKeditor.Java 2.4 Beta 1 released

Michael Osipov and Thilo Schwarz have worked hard during the last months to provide this brand new release of our Java integration package. Completely written from scratch, it leverages our Java code to provide the same quality and features available with other languages integrations.

FCKeditor 2.6 released

The stabilization period of version 2.6 RC has been completed successfully with no critical issues. We are now promoting that same release to the final 2.6.

FCKeditor 2.6 RC released

The 2.6 development has been concluded. After the beta, this version comes to stabilize the new dialog system, as well as fix several issues.

CKFinder 1.2 released

A fresh new release of CKFinder is now available. It introduces the so wanted multi-language UI support. German, Italian, Polish and Spanish localizations are already included in the package.

FCKeditor 2.6 Beta released

This release brings to public some amazing new features. Let’s welcome the new dialog system, using floating elements with shadows and cool design. It is a high performance system bringing a nicer user experience, avoiding also the annoying warnings from popup blockers.

Call for Sponsors!

Here at FCKeditor, we are always investing to make our Open Source initiative a success, offering an amazing text editor. To help us in this sense, we have just launched our Sponsor Opportunities.

CKFinder 1.1 released

A brand new version of CKFinder, the Advanced File Manager for FCKeditor, is available. It brings native support for ASP and ColdFusion, other than ASP.NET and PHP.

FCKeditor.Net 2.5 released

The so waited update for FCKeditor.Net is finally here. It brings lots of new features to the ASP.NET integration, mainly in the File Browser connector. It is also aligned to the new compatibility features introduced with FCKeditor 2.5.

FCKeditor 2.5.1 released

This is a minor update release, targeted to the release of FCKeditor.Net 2.5. It impacts mainly ASP.NET developers. Changes to the code are minimal, to make it safe upgrading from FCKeditor 2.5.

FCKeditor 2.5 released

This is the most important release since FCKeditor 2.0. It introduces Safari and Opera compatibility, but also new features that leverage the quality of FCKeditor to an upper level. You will find no similar solution on other products.

FCKeditor 2.5 Beta released

After an incredible development period, full of challenges and enriched by brilliant ideas, here we are with the Beta for the most important release of FCKeditor since version 2.0. It brings not only Safari and Opera support, but also introduces incredibly powerful features.


It’s wonderful to announce that, after a year from the first million, we have already reached 2 million downloads.

Adobe releases ColdFusion 8, powered by FCKeditor

As previously announced, Adobe has just release ColdFusion 8. FCKeditor has been chosen to provide rich editing features, and we have worked together with Adobe to provide it among their new set of Ajax (and non Ajax) components.

FCKeditor 2.4.3 released

While the so waited version 2.5 is under development, this new release fixes several bugs, bringing more stability to the 2.4 series.

FCKeditor 2.4.2 released

This release fixes the encoding of the distributed files of version 2.4.1, which affected some PHP installations. It presents the same features of version 2.4.1, with no additions.

FCKeditor 2.4.1 released

This is mainly a ‘stabilization’ release of version 2.4. The Enter Key Handler has now a consistent behavior and many small bugs have also been fixed. Upgrade from version 2.4 is highly recommended.

Jobs! Come and join us!

Working in a successful Open Source project is certainly a lot of fun. We are now expanding, to continue providing the best text editor out there. So, take this opportunity and join us!

New development web site!

At the beginning of this month, we have successfully launched our new development web site. Check it out:

FCKeditor 2.4 released

This new version of FCKeditor introduces, as usual, many new and unique features to the editor, providing better output quality and nicer user experience.

FCKeditor 2.3.3 released

The editor is now even more ‘open’ than before. It is now being released under the terms of the GPL, the LGPL and the MPL licenses. This new license model solves all licensing compatibility issues when integrating FCKeditor with other open source software.

OpenCms joins the FCKeditor project!

Alkacon Software, creators of OpenCms, has joined the FCKeditor project as the Java Integration Manager. Those are great news for our Java community, who expects superior quality and performance under their platform.


Amazing numbers! After only 6 months of the announcement of our first million downloads, another half a million can now be added to that incredible milestone. Yes, one and a half million downloads!

FCKeditor 2.3.2 released

This version is another important step to consolidate the well known quality of FCKeditor. Bugs have been fixed and a few interesting new features are being introduced.

New Web Site!

We’re proud to announce that, from today, the FCKeditor web site is running over Drupal, one of the best Open Source CMSs out there. After a long research, Drupal has proved to be the best solution to handle our half a million page views monthly, with flexibility and reliability.

FCKeditor 2.3 released

To best celebrate the one million downloads mark, we are now releasing another great version of FCKeditor. This is mainly a stability version after the Beta release.


This month we have approached the incredible mark of one million downloads since the first release of FCKeditor three years ago! Today we are having almost 3,000 downloads daily. Those numbers confirm the quality and success of this project.

FCKeditor 1.2.2 released

Version 1.2 introduced a bug on the image dialog window: when changing the image, no update was done. This bug is now fixed. This new version also includes language support for French.

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