CKEditor Ecosystem Documentation

CKEditor Ecosystem Documentation

Samples, tutorials, developer guides, functionality overview, deep dive into architecture, API reference.

CKEditor 5

A powerful WYSIWYG framework delivering a fully customizable editing experience.

  • Getting started with CKEditor 5Choose the right rich-text editor for your needs, install it and configure properly.
  • FeaturesGet to know a plethora of features for creating rich content, editing it, and collaborating on it.
  • ExamplesSee working implementations of different editor builds and features in action.
  • UpdatingKeep your CKEditor 5 installation up-to-date and safe at all times.
  • SupportNeed help? Start here and learn how to get answers and support.
  • CKEditor 5 FrameworkLearn about the framework for creating custom-tailored rich-text editing solutions.
  • API referenceRead the detailed developer API documentation.

CKEditor Cloud Services

Cloud platform with editing features and real-time collaboration services.

  • GuidesAn overview and details covering all aspects of CKEditor Cloud Services.
  • Collaboration Server On-PremisesThe on-premises version is an application that can be installed and run on your in-house servers and computing infrastructure, including a private cloud.
  • Export to PDFA service that allows you to generate a PDF file directly from CKEditor 5 or 4.
  • Export to WordA service that allows you to generate an editable .docx file directly from CKEditor 5.
  • ExamplesLearn how to implement the cloud services and their features on working examples.


Enrich CKEditor with image uploads.

Premium features

Dedicated premium features for special tasks that expand the functionality offered by CKEditor 5.

  • CommentsCollaborate with peers by commenting any part of the rich text content.
  • Track changesSuggest changes to the content and easily accept or decline the introduced suggestions.
  • Real-time collaborationCollaboratively edit, comment and suggest changes to your content in real-time.
  • Revision historyCreate and view a chronological revision history of your content using document versioning.
  • CKBoxStore and manage images and files in one place, organize your assets with powerful interface.
  • Export to PDFGenerate a PDF file directly from the CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor content.
  • Export to WordGenerate an editable .docx file directly from the CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor content.
  • PaginationSee where page breaks would be after the document is exported to PDF or to Word.
  • Spelling and grammar checkingA multi-language proofreading tool that offers spelling, punctuation and grammar suggestions on the go.

Premium features free trial


Management platform service that takes care of image uploads and reduces the effort required on your part to build a complete modern editing solution with support for embedding images.

  • GuidesAn overview and details covering all aspects of CKBox.

CKEditor 4

Battle-tested WYSIWYG editor with many features and legacy compatibility.

  • Developer's guideLearn how to install, integrate, configure and develop for CKEditor 4.
  • FeaturesGet to know the various features provided by CKEditor 4.
  • ExamplesSee the CKEditor 4 implementations in action.
  • API referenceRead the detailed developer API documentation.
  • Accessibility CheckerTry our dedicated content accessibility checking tool.