Productivity features

Effortless writing thanks to the CKEditor 5 features that make editing convenient.


Format content on the go, in Markdown or in your own customized way. Thanks to autoformatting, you can add bold with **asterisks**, headings with #, inline code with `text`, code block with ``` and bulleted lists with *.


Autocomplete your text as you type. When a user types a pre-configured marker, such as @ or #, they receive automatic suggestions to autocomplete, names, groups, subjects and many more.
Productivity features


Allows you to automatically save data when needed by sending it to the server (e.g. when a user alters content). It also prevents users from leaving before the content is saved or the pending actions (like image uploading) are done.

Automatic text transformation

Also known as “Autocorrect”, this feature turns predefined snippets into special characters and symbols. Writing difficult characters such as ™ or ½ becomes as easy as writing (tm) and 1/2. The feature also allows you to define your own rules!

Restricted editing

Restrict access to editing parts of your document. It’s perfect for templates where certain parts need to be altered or filled.


The autolink feature allows links in plain text to turn into hyperlinks automatically. Of course with an undo option toCtrl/+Z.
Restricted Editing

Spell and grammar checking

Check your spelling and grammar mistakes as you type by hovering over words underlined in red to see suggestions. The plugin is based on WProofreader, a tool created by our partner WebSpellChecker.

Inserting images by pasting URL

Upload images simply by pasting the image URL into the editor. AutoImage plugin recognizes image links and automatically embeds the images.

Keyboard shortcuts

Many intuitive shortcuts like Ctrl/ + Z undo or Ctrl/ + B bolding, are available for your convenience.

Word count

Track the number of words and characters in your WYSIWYG content. You can set a word or character limit and check the content progress on the progress bar.

Non-real time collaboration features

Power your rich-text writing with feedback and suggestions.

Streamline the content creation workflow with Comments and Track Changes features. With discussions, suggestions and feedback process integrated in the editor, users will not have to leave your application to collaborate on content.

Track Changes

Add an extra layer of control over your content by allowing users to edit in the suggestion mode. Changes will be marked as suggestions and users will have the option to accept, reject or edit them.


Add, edit and delete comments anywhere in the editor. Start discussions with comment threads. There is also a comments-only mode available, where users are allowed to add and edit comments but are prevented from changing the content.

Real-time collaboration features

Synchronized content creation and instant collaboration with your colleagues.

Combine Track Changes and Comments with Real-time Collaborative Editing to have a synchronous, all-around co-authoring experience. With real-time collaboration, users can instantly see edits, suggestions and comments without a limit to the number of collaborators. This real-time feature comes complete with a presence list UI where you can see active users you are collaborating with.

On premises vs. cloud service

Save your real-time collaboration data wherever you like with extensible on-premises and cloud service options. Both options are ready to use out of the box and allow you to integrate collaborative features within hours!

Collaboration extensibility

CKEditor 5’s modular, plugin based architecture allows you to easily customize your collaboration features, write your own collaboration plugins and shape them to your needs.

Display mode

You can customize Comments and Track Changes annotations and let users display them on a wide or narrow sidebar, as well as use inline balloons, and toggle between these display modes.

Comments on non-editor fields

Thanks to the flexibility of Comments API, context and annotations, you can use comments outside the editor and collaborate on non-editor form fields too!

Revision History

Create document versions in CKEditor 5 and view, compare, restore or rename them in the preview mode. The feature allows you to manage the progress of your content efficiently and can be used together with Comments and Track Changes.
Revision History

Images and media



By default, CKEditor 5 comes with plugins like image toolbar, caption, style, text alternative and linking images. You can align your images to the left, to the right, or center them, set width to full or small, add captions or alternative text.
Media embed

Media embed

Insert embeddable media such as videos, tweets, Instagram posts or Google Maps into your rich-text content. Just use the toolbar to embed them or paste the URL directly into the editor for media to be automatically embedded.
Responsive images

Responsive images

The responsive images feature is brought to you by the Easy Image plugin without any additional need for setup. It comes with ready-made image style, resize and alignment options.

Image storage options

CKEditor 5 offers multiple image upload and file management solutions, both free and paid options.

  • Easy Image: our cloud SaaS with blazing fast-CDN and responsiveness, delivered instantly.
  • CKFinder: a file manager that can be integrated with Amazon S3, Azure, Dropbox, local disk and more.
  • Simple upload adapter: uses XMLHttpRequest API with minimal editor configuration while the server-side application is for you to decide.
  • Base64: upload adapter; images are saved within the document as Base64 encoded strings, without the need for server-side processing.
image upload

Export to portable documents

Create, organize, and share your portable documents more easily.

Export to PDF and Word

Turn your content into portable file formats with a single click. The converters can also be set to work outside the editor with the REST API.


Helps you view the number of pages in real-time and preview how your document will be laid out for printing. Combined with other features, it lets you organize lengthy documents.

Page break

Inserts a page break into the rich-text editor so you can better structure your content for print.

Excellent paste

CKEditor has the best paste around. Pasting from the following platforms is a breeze and will transfer the original styles and elements exactly. And while pasting plain text, pasted content will inherit the styles of the content it is pasted into.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Google docs

Google Docs

Plain text with style inheritance

Plain text with style inheritance


Add bulleted or ordered lists and style them any way you like.



You can choose from an array of item markers. There are 3 styles for unordered lists and 6 styles for ordered lists available.

To-do list

Mark items as done. You can turn any list into a to-do list at any time.


Present your data in an intuitive way with our tables feature. Use the feature toolbar to configure both the table and its content. You can set size, background color, borders and styles for the whole table, as well as individual cells.

The essentials

All the basic formatting, styling and color you need from a WYSIWYG editor!

Basic styles

  • Bold
  • Code
  • Italic
  • Subscript
  • Strikethrough
  • Superscript
  • Underline

Font styles

  • Font color
  • Font size
  • Font background color
  • Font family

Advanced styles

Advanced Styles

Block Indentation

Combining indent, indent block and list plugins, allows you to make indentation for text blocks.


The highlight feature brings the practicality and fun of real life highlighter markers to your web content.


Align your content to the left, right or center, or justify it.

Block quote

Use block quotes to use references or attract attention to certain parts of your content.

Code Block

Apart from the inline code feature, code blocks allow you to enter pre-formatted code into the editor as a block and assign a programming language to each block.

Title & Headings

Out-of-the-box features that allow you to add a title, <h2>, <h3> and <h4>. While Headings is a default feature, the title plugin is optional.

Horizontal line

Add a horizontal line to help group and section your content.


The technologies CKEditor 5 supports.

CKEditor is not only built with powerful technologies but also supports them. Apart from support for Electron and JQuery, we also offer 3 official integrations with the most popular frameworks for your convenience:

Developer-friendly features

Write effortlessly with the CKEditor 5 features that make editing convenient.

Wide customization potential

All of the features and bits of CKEditor 5 are customizable, but what makes our framework powerful is its open API structure. From track changes and comments APIs to REST API available for export features, the possibilities are endless.


A range of RESTful APIs offered by CKEditor Cloud Services can be used to create server to server integration. You can synchronize comments between CKEditor Cloud Services and another system or build your own auto-save mechanism to reduce transfer costs. All possibilities of RESTful APIs also apply to our On-Premises offer, just with a different way to manage API Secret.

Markdown output

Thanks to the architecture of CKEditor 5’s data processors and format, you can change editor output from HTML to GitHub Flavored Markdown and easily reuse your Markdown output. Customization of other markup languages like XML is also possible.


The watchdog utility automatically detects and destroys crashed editor instances, and restarts the editor with the content saved before the crash. As a result, it keeps the editor instance always running and protects your work from any possible bugs.


Makes understanding and debugging the editor internals like modal, view and commands easier by allowing you to view selections and inspecting the changes to data structure.

Online builder

The builder allows you to build your customized CKEditor 5 in a matter of minutes! All you need to do is select your editor type, the plugins, toolbar items and language, download the editor in 5 simple steps.

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