CKEditor 5 features

Create the perfect custom editing experience with leading-edge, innovative features including real-time and asynchronous collaboration, document conversion, productivity tools and more.

Premium Features

Enhance your rich text editor with a range of modern, powerful add-on features,
available exclusively with a CKEditor Commercial License.

Suggest edits to content without making final changes. Edits are marked as suggestions and users can choose to accept or reject the changes.

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Add, edit and delete comments on any content in the editor. Start discussions with comment threads, or give users comments-only access to your content.

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Combine the Track Changes and Comments features with real-time collaborative editing, for a fully synchronous, GDocs-style editing experience.

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Convert any number of Word documents into error-free HTML inside CKEditor 5. Styling is preserved, along with comments and suggestions from Track Changes.

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Add a customizable AI Assistant into your editor, ready to write, rephrase, translate or summarize your text.

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See where the page breaks in your document are, ready for printing or exporting to other document formats.

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Enhance document structure with Multi-level Lists that support complex, legal-style numbering for detailed hierarchy and organization.

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Productivity Pack

Streamline content creation and make editing more efficient with our curated bundle of essential Premium Features, included free-of-charge with certain CKEditor Commercial Licenses*.

Slash Commands

Use the / key to add block elements and styles without reaching for the mouse. Plus, customize your own commands.


Create your own full or partial document templates to save time editing and keep styling consistent.

Paste from Office Enhanced

Error-free copy-pasting from MS Word and Excel. Even complex text and style  formatting is retained to generate clean HTML.

Format Painter

Copy and paint formatting anywhere in your document. Use continuous painting to get a consistent look even faster.

Document Outline

Automatically detect, list and show document headings in a sidebar. Navigate large documents faster, and configure the location of the outline.

Table of Contents

Insert a linked table of contents that auto-updates when the content changes.

Case Change

Toggle text between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Title Case with a single click.

File Management

Flexible image upload and file management solutions.

Modern image and file uploads, image editing, and native integration with CKEditor.

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Our first iteration file management platform for storing files in the cloud or on your own server

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Core Features

CKEditor 5 offers a wide variety of core features straight out of the box,
including formatting and styling, plus productivity features.

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Set custom rules for converting text strings into special characters or symbols, such as (tm) for ™ or 1/2 for ½.


Use Markdown shortcodes to add simple formatting, including bold, italics, headings, lists and more.


Make sure nothing gets lost by automatically saving your document every time a change is made.

Basic Text Styles

Apply simple text formatting, including bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, subscript, and superscript.

Block Quotes

Add emphasis to quoted text by styling it as block quotes, also known as pull quotes.


Give CKEditor the ability to handle any copy-paste commands for content going into or out of the editor.

Code - Inline

Style text as inline code, rather than as a code block, to make reading and layout simpler.

Code Block

Enter pre-formatted code and style it as a block, with the programming language marked.

Content Minimap

Add an automatically updated visual scrolling preview of the document alongside the editor, to make navigation easier.

Drag and Drop

Lets you grab any multimedia or text, including images, tables, and even HTML, and drop it into the editor.

Font Styles

Change the styling of text, including changing text colors, background colors, fonts, and text size.


Add pre-set heading styles to your document, with h1 for the most prominent headings, through to h6 for the least prominent.

HTML Embed

Embed a snippet of HTML code in your document. Ideal for adding and interacting with HTML elements.

Image Alt Text

Add description text, AKA alternative text, for images. Alt text improves accessibility by telling screen readers and search engines what the image depicts.

Image Feature

The image feature allows adding images of various kinds to the rich content inside the editor. A large set of subfeatures lets the users fully control this process.

Image Resize

Change the size of inserted images by dragging resize handles or using toolbar buttons.


Indent blocks of text in your document, including paragraphs, lists, and headings.

Lists - Bulleted

Add unordered dot-point lists to your document. Plus, change the style and shape of the bullet points.

Lists - Numbered

Add ordered, numbered lists to your document. Plus, change the style and starting number of the list.

Lists - To Do

Add a to-do list to your document, with checkboxes for ticking off items as they’re completed.

Media Embed

Insert multimedia, including videos, social media posts or even Google Maps into your document.


Use, @ or another symbol of your choice, to tag users, groups, and topics in your document. Combine with Comments for a GDocs-style experience.

Page Break

Insert page breaks into your document so you can better structure your content for print.

Paste from Word

Copy-paste content from MS Office apps, including Word and Excel, directly into CKEditor, and preserve your styles and formatting.

Powerful API

Use the API to create your own plugins for CKEditor and make use of our flexible, modular architecture.

Read-only Mode

Prevent users from editing the content. However, read-only content is still accessible to screen readers and can be copied.

Select All

Use a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut to instantly select all content in the editor.

Text Alignment

Change the alignment of text in your document, including options for left, right, center, and justify.


The standard toolbar interface for the editor, with dropdown menus and buttons for different functions.

Toolbar - Block

A hidden toolbar on the left-hand side of the editor, which pops up when the Block Toolbar button is pressed.

UI Language

Choose from 41 different languages for the CKEditor UI, or use one of the many community translations.


Protects from data loss in the unlikely event of an unexpected crash.

* If you have an active CKEditor license, please contact your Account Manager to check your eligibility. Some legacy licenses are not eligible.

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