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The WYSIWYG Editor
of tomorrow available

CKEditor is a modern, feature-rich JavaScript text editor with clean UI and perfect UX. Easily customizable to any use case.

The rich text editor for every use case

CKEditor 5 allows users to create any type of content in your application,
be it documents, reports, emails, notes or chat messages.

Content Collaboration

Add Google Doc-like real-time collaboration features to your apps. Streamline content editing workflows and bring everyone together into one space with Comments, Track Changes, and Revision History features.

Maintain your brand standards

CKEditor offers extensive UI customization options, ensuring your app looks just the way you want.

Business Document Import / Export

One click converts your content to PDF or Word files while maintaining original styles.

Import DOCX files, even including comments and track changes, to structured HTML format.

Paste from Office Enhanced adds additional options so pasting content works like your users want it to.

Rich text editor for enterprises

We have 20+ years of experience in supporting Fortune 500 organizations.
We provide rock solid software, premium technical support and custom development services.

with premium features


Allow your users to collaboratively write, review and discuss right within your application.

Let them use Track Changes, Comments and Revision History features - all of them are available either in real-time or in a standard mode.

CKEditor is the only WYSIWYG HTML Editor in the market to offer both SaaS and on-premises solutions for real-time collaboration.

  • Track Changes

    Suggest, approve and reject any type of changes in content.

  • Revision History

    Create, view, compare and restore document versions.

  • Comments

    Exchange notes on content and instantly communicate with your collaborators.

CKEditor in numbers

  • Over 50 millions downloads

  • Over 100 thousands customers

  • Over 1000 APIs

  • Over 300 features

  • 100% code coverage

Why CKEditor?

100.000+ customers have already trusted us.
This gives us a solid foundation on which we can develop the editor.


Software quality is in our DNA. We spend over 50% of our time testing code and writing documentation.


20+ years of experience in rich text editing. 50+ developers on board. 50M+ downloads and hundreds millions of users worldwide.'


Superb documentation, outstanding technical support and a huge Open Source community that helps us make the software better.

Ready for developers’ favorite technologies

Native integrations with the most popular libraries will save you time, money and effort.
CKEditor 5 is compatible with any JavaScript framework.

Leading brands depend on CKEditor

Sean Linehan

Instead of having an external document collaboration system like Google Docs, we bring it all in-house thanks to CKEditor.

Anthony Joiner

We opted for CKEditor 5 due to its superior flexibility. Our writers are able to save approximately 10 hours per month after adopting Blooksy with CKEditor.

Myron Mavko

CKEditor 5 offers a solid architecture with high-quality source code and a flexible approach. This makes the editor highly customizable, allowing you to implement whatever you need.

Jani Laakso

CKEditor helped us get started quicker, without having to handle all the edge cases ourselves.

Dennis Gurock

No other rich text editor we tested provided the same editing capabilities, performance, ease of integration, and customizations.

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