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Brendan Daniel

Brendan Daniel

Content Writer

Way too into music genres nobody's heard of, the design of maps and way-finding systems, and deconstructing creative choices in professional wrestling. Out loud. To nobody in particular.


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You decide - customizability with CKEditor 5

Having the right tools for the job influences your software’s output. The developers of CKEditor 5 know that, which is why our API provides optimal customizability that can help you create the perfect plugin for your software’s needs. We explain how the development teams from three clients of ours — Plutio, Condé Nast, and Neos — used our API to customize CKEditor 5 instances in specific ways with satisfying results. Read on to see what we mean.

Managing images with CKEditor 5

If you need your software to help manage images, there are important decisions to be made. Where will you store them - do you want them on-premises or in the cloud? There’s also the question of what features you need - how hands-on are your software’s users with visual media? Luckily, CKEditor 5 is flexible with both storage and feature possibilities for your solution. Here is a quick overview of your options in wrangling images with CKEditor 5.

The shape of things to come: student information systems edition

A student information system’s chief goal is to aid school communication of news and announcements between students, teachers, parents, faculty, and staff. So what, then, is effective school communication? The goal is the same whether you’re a student information system vendor or a school administrator who oversees your institution’s own homebrewed solution: a student information system that optimizes communication no matter the situation. Rich-text editing can aid in reaching that goal.

What are virtual classrooms? A rundown of the most popular software by CKEditor

If you are in a frantic search for a virtual classroom solution that incorporates as much of the traditional classroom atmosphere as possible while minimizing interruption of established workflows and schedules with a small-as-possible learning curve, consider this: real-time collaborative writing technology with rich-text editing capabilities is a welcome addition to multiple commonly-used virtual classroom technologies. Click to learn more.

Knowledge management systems and capturing the ideas of your talent with KM

Learn how choosing the right knowledge management system for your company is essential to turning your talent’s tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. The sooner you identify the tool or system that’s just right, the sooner what they know can benefit you. Your response to the challenges of the modern marketplace depends on it.

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