File uploads in CKEditor
Made easy

Store and organize your files and images in CKBox, and use them easily in CKEditor 5.

A complete solution for handling images in CKEditor

  • Enables drag & drop uploads of images and other files directly into CKEditor 5
  • Enables pasting images from clipboard, pasting from Word and Google Docs into CKEditor
  • Comes with an intuitive Image Editor for cropping, resizing, or rotating
  • Allows for separating files and images per user, document or customer thanks to Workspaces.
  • Helps in reusing uploaded images and organizing files in multiple ways.
  • Solves delivering high quality responsive images via ultra-fast CDN.

A central file manager for everyone

On-premises solution for anyone looking for a self-hosted file manager.

SaaS solution for anyone looking for ready to use platform that requires no maintainance.

40 official translations to help your users around the world.

A universal file manager for everyone

  • Customizable categories and tags to organize your files and images.
  • Powerful search feature with multiple filters to ind quickly what you need.
  • Increase productivity: easily access recently used files, reuse alt text for images.
  • Accessibility matters: keyboard shortcuts for navigation, WAI-ARIA to support screen readers.
  • View your images and PDF documents in a high-resolution full-page preview.
  • Edit Images without having to launch dedicated software.
  • CRUD - create, rename, update and delete files and folders.

Administration made easy

Each CKBox installation comes with an administration panel visible only to the users you select.

A very optimized <picture>

CKBox makes it easy to use responsive images in your content. Improve SEO and increase conversion by making your site loading much faster.

All methods of uploading files supported by CKEditor 5 are available:

  • Save up to 90% of bandwith if your application does not support yet responsive images.
  • Save up to 34% of bandwith vs relying on responsive jpg/png images thanks to using the most modern formats of images.

Full control of your data

Can be run anywhere - Docker Image

  • Install anywhere you like - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or your own data center.
  • Run with any Open Container runtime tool e.g. Kubernetes, OpenShift, Podman, Docker and many others.
  • Choose your storage type - S3, Azure Blob Storage, MySQL, Postgres, local filesystem.
  • Scale simply by handling the service configuration and built-in mechanisms.

Save time and resources

With a SaaS subscription, we take care of everything important.

  • Managing the cloud infrastructure to keep it secure and up to date.
  • Performing regular backups of your files.
  • Serving assets via secure and blazing-fast CDN powered by AWS.
  • Automatic scaling according to your needs.
  • Ensuring maximum security and high availability.

Why CKBox?

If for any reason you would like to host CKBox by yourself, the on-premises version is also available.


Easily customize the colors of the interface with just two CSS variables; hue and saturation.

Rest API

Build custom automations using unrestricted access to the CKBox REST API.

Detailed (audit) logs

Track of all user actions with Insights panel. Gather, list and filter business (audit) logs.

CKBox works with your favorite frameworks

Native integrations save time and money during implementation.
CKBox supports the most popular frameworks and libraries.

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