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CKBox is a file management platform that makes working with your files easier while providing an outstanding user experience.

Everything you need at your fingertips

  • Store and manage images and files in one place.
  • Organize your assets into customizable categories.
  • Adjust the interface of the application to your needs.

Beautiful design and great UX

Launched in 2022, built with ❤️ for the end-users. Productivity enhancements your users will love:

  • Easily access recently used files.
  • Define alternative text for images once and reuse it forever.

Why CKBox?

If for any reason you would like to host CKBox by yourself, the on-premises version is also available.


Easily customize the colors of the interface with just two variables.

Rest API

Use the REST API to automate anything you like.

Speed up your website

Serve responsive images using the fastest formats. Reduce bandwidth up to 34 %.

Perfect integration with CKEditor 5

Implement CKBox with CKEditor 5 in no time thanks to the native integration between the two components.

All methods of uploading files supported by CKEditor 5 are available:

  • Dragging & dropping files into the editor.
  • Pasting images from clipboard.
  • Uploading images when pasting documents from Word and Google Docs.

Save time and resources

With a SaaS subscription, we take care of everything important to save your time and resources:

  • Managing the cloud infrastructure to keep it secure and up to date.
  • Performing regular backups of your files.
  • Serving assets via secure and blazing fast CDN powered by AWS.

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More to come!

This is just the beginning. CKBox will surprise you with many more new upcoming features. Looking for a specific functionality?

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