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Designing AI prompts for content creation- Balancing user needs with UX

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CKEditor demo pages

It’s easy to configure, customize, and control every aspect of the look, feel, and functionality of CKEditor. This page provides just a glimpse of the endless possibilities that CKEditor offers. Build anything imaginable with limitless customization.

Feature-rich editor

CKEditor brings hundreds of features that can transform your world of content editing. Discover which ones you need for your use case!

Different user interfaces

CKEditor comes with a variety of editor types and user interface configuration options you can choose from. See all of them in action.

AI Assistant

Add powerful AI content creation tools into CKEditor. Use pre-made prompts or custom queries to have AI write, rephrase, translate or summarize your text.

Productivity Pack

Easier document navigation, consistent content creation and improved productivity with Document Outline, Table of Contents, Templates, Slash Commands and Format Painter.

Export to PDF & Word

See how CKEditor automatically splits your content into pages. Convert your content to a PDF or Word file with a click of a button, keeping the original styles.

Import from Word

High quality conversion of DOCX files (also with comments & track changes) to a clean and structured HTML format. Use REST API to batch convert multiple Word documents.

Paste from Office Enhanced

Paste from Office Enhanced retains a wider range of formatting options compared to default paste available in the editor. See how they compare in side-by-side demos.

Headless editor

CKEditor can fit nicely with the rest of your application. Headless editor allows you to build your own UI on top of our editing engine, using your favorite technology.

Mobile friendly editor

CKEditor works great on mobile devices without any special configuration. See it in action on a specially crafted demo page that simulates a small screen.

Spellchecker (WProofreader)

Use a multilingual spell and grammar checker to eliminate unnecessary typos and mistakes. Customize this tool to respect any relevant proper names.

CKEditor in numbers

  • Over 50 millions downloads

  • Over 100 thousands customers

  • Over 1000 APIs

  • Over 300 features

  • 100% code coverage

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