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Import from Word 1.9.0

The new release of the Import from Word converter is here, with configurable comments styling, reduced HTML payload, and important bugfixes.

Export to Word 1.9.0

The latest maintenance release of the Export to Word converter comes with SVG image support, a new base URL option, and improved conversion of the style elements.

The man with the wrench in the front and ckeditor with some highlighted options (like changing image's alternative text or possibility to place image next to tet i.e.) in the background

CKEditor 4.19.1 with important bug fixes

We are happy to announce the 4.19.1 maintenance release of CKEditor 4. Editor placeholder performance has been improved, there is better support for language detection and last but not least – dialog API enhancements. With that release, we also upgraded our CKEditor 4 React integration to version 4, which introduces support for React v18.

CKBox v1.1.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of our file management platform – CKBox. This version introduces some essential new features and fixes a few minor bugs that slipped through in the initial release. If you would like to find out more, please read on!

CKEditor with the highlighted possibility to convert code to MS Word. In the editor`s content there`s a table. One of the table`s cell is active so we can change it`s properties in the floating window

New Export to Word converter v.1.7.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the HTML to MS Word v1.7.0 converter that powers the Export to Word feature. The latest converter version brings in the support for table column group element and for table cell width.

HTML badge on the left, Word badge on the right. Between them arrow directing from HTML icon to Word icon.

New Export to Word converter v.1.6.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of the HTML to MS Word v1.6.0 converter, the service that powers CKEditor’s own Export to Word feature. The latest version brings better support for table comments and suggestions, an auto-paragraphing feature, and improved compatibility with older MS Word versions.

Feature spotlight - HTML to Word converter

The MS Word .docx file format is an industry standard nowadays. The HTML to Word converter and the Export to Word editor plugin enable the incorporation of this format in your work for portability and cross-platform compatibility of your content.

CKEditor on the first plan and some workers between the editor

CKEditor 4.18 browser bugfix and security patches

CKEditor 4.18 comes with important security fixes for the HTML processing core module and dialog plugin and a browser patch. We have also decided to make the WebSpellChecker Dialog plugin obsolete due to its end of life. Check out CKEditor 4.18 and find out, what was improved!

CKEditor 5 with emphasized Revision History and possibility to collaboration

Revision History now available with Real-time Collaboration in CKEditor 5

For a long time, the Real-time Collaboration feature served our users in the best way possible. It did this, by allowing them to comment and edit content together in a rapid development environment. The same goes for Revision History – a versioning tool that became a user favorite from day one. Now we are bringing both of these great features together in one package!

CKEditor 5 v31.1.0 with enhanced copy and paste and reconnection handling

The last CKEditor 5 release of 2021 brings better and safer handling of collaboration sessions, enhanced pasting, better link edition, and improved documentation. There are also further improvements to the search and replace feature as well as additional information about features’ output. Read on to get to know these new changes and more!

CKFinder 3.5.3 for PHP released

We would like to announce that CKFinder 3.5.3 has just been released. This is a maintenance release and covers the CKFinder for PHP. Aiming at stability and uninterrupted operation, we have made the following improvements to CKFinder.

Editor with shown editable and read-only mode

Feature of the month - restricted editing modes

Writing, editing — all of that is generally about the ability to access the content faster better, more efficiently. To add, remove, change, and rewrite yet again. Still, there are situations when an editor or a reader should not be able to change the content. Sounds surprising? Maybe so. Maybe not so much.

Computer in the center. Vue, Angular and React icons floating near the mentioned laptop

CKEditor 4.17 with enhanced Base64 images support, delayed editor initialization, and security fixes

We are happy to announce the release of CKEditor 4.17.0. In this major release, we are introducing a highly requested feature allowing developers to reattach the editor to the HTML DOM and delay its initialization. This release also comes with improved Base64 images support for clipboard operations, discontinued support for Flash plugin, and other enhancements prepared by both CKEditor 4 team and our lovely community!

A man hanging images on the wall

Feature of the month - Images in CKEditor 5

Images are what make the story tick. From illuminated medieval manuscripts, through to World Wide Web, a picture was always there to tell a thousand words. Learn how to use the rich, feature-packed image implementation of CKEditor 5 to create better, more breathtaking content.

CKEditor 4.16.2 with browser improvements and security fixes

We are happy to announce another maintenance release of CKEditor 4. Several browser-related issues were revisited and some other important bug fixes were introduced, too. Also, important security patches were rolled out. And to top all the changes, a React 2.0.0 integration was recently released. Check out CKEditor 4.16.2 and find out, what was improved!

CKEditor 5 v29.1.0 with content minimap

CKEditor 5 v29.1.0 with content minimap, HTML comments and Revision History autosave

Setting standards is not a piece of cake. But the hard work and new ideas introduced regularly lets us deliver the most flexible product on the market. Navigating the document has never been easier with the new unique content minimap. Keeping track with the revision history feature and the ability to add HTML comments make editing faster and more efficient. The enhanced find and replace feature aids the general efficiency. And this is not yet all in the v29.1.0 release!

CKFinder 3.5.2 released

We would like to announce that CKFinder 3.5.2 has just been released. This is a maintenance release and covers all currently maintained CKFinder versions — PHP, ASP.NET and Java.

Feature of the Month - Automatic text transformation in CKEditor 5

Autocorrect, text replacement, imposing brand rules, adding smileys and emoticons to your post… There are many applications of the CKEditor 5 automatic text transformation feature. Find some of the less apparent ones and learn how it all started in the August installment of the Feature of the Month series!

CKEditor 5 v29.0.0 with boosted images, find and replace and the source editing feature

The totally revamped image feature, supporting block and inline images, will bring more colors and fun into your rich content. The ability to edit the HTML source will give you more control over it hand in hand with the highly anticipated search and replace functionality. The General HTML Support will help advanced users expand the capabilities of the editor while a set of new user guides will aid them on the journey through all the newly introduced enhancements. There is also support for multi-root editors in revision history as well as new user permissions for collaboration features — CKEditor 5 v29.0.0 has it all!

Feature of the month - Table features in CKEditor 5

Rich content, be it a printed book, a website or a Q3 chairman presentation is all about two things: conveying a message and the way to convey it. Tables are the way to convey the message, especially when it contains numbers, datasets or complicated relations between the information presented. If tables were not as good in getting the message across, would they be used all around us, starting with bank statements through to highway signposts?

Revision History is officially live - CKEditor 5 v28.0.0 released

CKEditor 5 v28.0.0 brings the long-awaited Revision History feature. It is a top-class document versioning tool that allows the users for full control over the editing process. The table feature was expanded with support for captions as well as default table and table cell styles. The integrators and plugin creators will appreciate the new metadata for npm packages and the documentation of the HTML output of the editor features. Improvements were done to the export features and schema definition. Some bug fixes were included, too.

Feature of the month - Paste features in CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5, a modern, advanced WYSIWYG editor designed with extensibility and efficiency in mind, implements several features allowing users to paste the content into the document they work on from various sources. The editor provides unrivaled support for two of the most popular editing solutions, Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Out of the box, it also supports pasting as plain text as well as the drag and drop mechanism.

CKEditor 4.16.1 with accessibility enhancements

CKEditor 4.16.1 with accessibility enhancements

The newest release of CKEditor 4 is here. It brings better accessibility, right on time for the Global Accessibility Awareness Day which is exactly the third Thursday of May! An important fix for mobile users that affected the use of content styles was introduced, making CKEditor 4 even more flexible and available for all kinds of platforms. And a nuisance in widget handling was also removed. Other small fixes improve the drag and drop feature, the way colors are handled and the pasting mechanism, so read on to find out what good comes with this minor release!

CKEditor 5 v27.1.0 with table and block quote nesting

CKEditor 5 v27.1.0 with table and block quote nesting

The newest version of CKEditor 5 is here with both new and extended features. The table nesting functionality makes using tables even more powerful than before. Legacy support has been introduced for the deprecated HTML align attribute. Nested block quotes are now properly read when loading pre-existing content as well. All of that is aimed at greater backward compatibility and support for older, HTML4 formatted content that may still be generated by some software, like email applications. Together with some minor breaking changes, this version helps bridge the past with modernity.

Spell and grammar check plugin in CKEditor 5

Feature of the month - Spell and grammar check in CKEditor 5

Proofreading and spell checking pose a serious challenge, especially for professional texts. Employing the power of AI-driven algorithms, CKEditor 5 provides an industry-standard solution for the advanced needs of all types of editors and content writers. Meet the power to harness unruly words, commas and clauses right as you type.

CKEditor 5 v27.0.0 with drag and drop

CKEditor 5 v27.0.0 with drag and drop, text part language and bubbling events

The newest release arrived, packed with new features, some improvements, fixes and a security patch. The long-awaited drag and drop functionality is here, covering textual content, widgets as well as HTML and plain text dropping from outside the editor. Language features have been expanded with the ability to set specific language to a selected part of the text and there were improvements to the text-align feature as well as the to-do list feature. And there is still more!

Word and character count in CKEditor 5

Feature of the month - Word and character count in CKEditor 5

There are certain features in editors or word processors that people tend to overlook, even though many of them use these on a daily basis. One such feature is the word and character count. An everyday user may not pay much attention to it, as it was originally aimed primarily at people who need to meet specific word limits while writing. Read the blog post to discover its usefulness in your favorite WYSIWYG editor.

CKEditor 5 v26.0.0 with extensible builds, inline widget styling and annotations guides

Building your own custom CKEditor 5 experience is now easier than ever before. An improved online builder is one thing, but with the introduction of DLL builds it is now possible to create a custom editor build and later expand it with desired features without the need to recompile everything. This release also brings improvements to handling keystrokes on Mac, styling inline widgets, editor placeholder and a pack of new guides about using collaboration features’ annotations.

Lists in CKEditor 5

Feature of the month - Lists in CKEditor 5

Among features offered by CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor, some are widely used (like text formatting or images) and some are rather specialized (like restricted editing or read-only mode). There are only a few features, however, that are so versatile and applicable to so many use cases and solutions as lists.

CKEditor 5 v25.0.0 with flexible annotations, improved text blocks handling and performance fixes

The new release is here, packed with improvements, fixes and a security patch. We have redesigned the architecture of annotations, making it possible to use inline and sidebar annotations for collaboration features at the same time. We made changes to block editing so content blocks are now more comfortable to handle. Stability has been improved when formatting large content as well as several errors concerning images were corrected. There is also a new, neat feature in the documentation, that especially the first-time users will greatly enjoy - the toolbar helpers.

Feature of the month - Collaborative writing in CKEditor 5

Feature of the month - Collaborative writing in CKEditor 5

Welcome to the “Feature of the month” blog post. Kickstarting this new series in 2021, we want to spotlight and present selected features we offer with CKEditor 5. Every month, we will present the functions that we find especially interesting or in need of better recognition from our users. This is all in the hope to bring a better editing experience to you.

CKEditor 5 v24.0.0 with multiline toolbar

CKEditor 5 v24.0.0 with multiline toolbar and accessible input labels

Working hard on creating content? Fair enough. We will make your work comfortable, with easy access to all the features you need. Welcome to our newest batch of UI enhancements: the multiline (wrapping) toolbar that you all asked for and the accessible input labels on interface items! Not convenient enough? Upload images by pasting their URL, track changes for pasting table styles, integrate with Vue.js 3, use Markdown shortcodes… Simply put - write well, edit well, stay well.

the best open source Markdown editor

CKEditor 5: the best open source Markdown editor

CKEditor is an open source rich-text editor. Even though it is mostly developed by CKSource, it has a large community of contributors backing the development efforts. One of the popular questions that we receive time and time again is the availability of Markdown editing. The simple answer is yes. Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic to get a more elaborate answer as to how.

security patch released

CKEditor 4.15.1 with a security patch released

We would like to announce the release of CKEditor 4.15.1. This security update addresses a vulnerability in the CKEditor 4 Color History feature and an upgrade is highly recommended. There are also other bug fixes that will enrich your CKEditor 4 WYSIWYG editing experience, including fixing problems with the Table Resize plugin, the script loader or CSS margin parsing errors in certain contexts.

CKEditor 5 v23.1.0 with raw HTML embedding, reconversion API and pasting tables into tables with track changes

New, advanced features are coming onboard. Embedding arbitrary HTML opens new possibilities for webmasters, while the reconversion introduced in CKEditor v23.1.0 is a great step toward easier, more reliable handling of the downcast conversion process. Pasting tables into tables in track changes mode, documentation updates and a new release of the React component will also, hopefully, please the CKEditor community.

CKEditor 5 v23.0.0 with pagination feature, list styles and improved image upload

Improved plain text pasting coupled with a new pagination feature that lets you control the structure of your output and autolink added to editor builds bring forth an overall excellent experience in WYSIWYG editing. This release also brings enhancements to list styles and image upload. What you edit has never looked so good and so very much exactly the way you want it. Meet CKEditor 5 v23.0.0!

How to create ready-to-print documents with page structure in WYSIWYG editor - CKEditor 5 pagination feature

Barely having released the premium features of export to PDF and export to Word, we still keep on improving and expanding the capabilities of the CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor. If you are done writing, editing and collaborating on your content, the time has come to convert it into one of the popular document formats. But can you be sure your multipage document will save and later print the way you want it? We are now introducing the pagination feature that takes care of just this question!

new editor placeholder plugin

CKEditor 4.15 with new editor placeholder plugin and improved color management

We are happy to announce the release of CKEditor 4.15. In this major release, the users get an extended set of tools aimed at an easier and more efficient text and background color handling within the WYSIWYG editor. Also coming in stock is the new Editor Placeholder plugin. There are also a few bug fixes that will enrich your CKEditor 4 WYSIWYG editing experience.

CKEditor 5 v22.0.0 with inserting images via URL, list styles and Markdown plugin

The newest CKEditor 5 is here and it brings a plethora of changes and improvements. There is a new easy way to add images to your documents and you can choose from a variety of list item markers available. The export to PDF and Word features are now out of beta and a new pagination feature is coming soon. Hopefully, all these changes will increase your content creation productivity.

CKEditor 5 v21.0.0 with autolink and export to Word

CKEditor 5 v21.0.0 with autolink and export to Word released

We are happy to announce the release of CKEditor 5 v21.0.0 that introduces further additions for the link feature, including the long-awaited autolink. Coupled with the enhanced link text edition, it will make your linking experience like nothing before. New ways to manage image resizing have been added, too. Last but not least, you can now export your document to the Microsoft Word .docx format. Read on for more details!

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