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Keep CKEditor 4
safe and secure

CKEditor 4 reached its End-of-Life with no updates, security patches or bug fixes. Don’t risk security breaks or unsupported software, talk to us about an Extended Support Model.

Extended Support Model

This limited-time-only package guarantees that your editor remains secure, with
uninterrupted access to all functionality until December 2026.

standard inclusion

Security Vulnerability Assurance

Access to Long Term Support Package which will provide security fixes for any CKEditor 4 bugs which threaten the security of your application.

optional extra

Third-party API Changes Assurance

CKSource resolves* any critical / high severity issues in CKEditor 4 caused by changes in a third-party apps (e.g. browser, MS Word) that CKEditor 4 depends on for its functionality.

* Time limitations apply

optional extra

Standard Support

Access CKSource Customer Support team for ongoing support requests as per your standard contract terms.

What's the alternative? Migrate to CKEditor 5

Its modular architecture, content editing model, and performance improvements make it the perfect
choice for developers who need a powerful and customizable rich text editor framework.

Plugin-based architecture

Everything is a plugin - even a basic feature like typing. So you can customize, remove or replace whatever plugins you desire.

Markdown output

Use the data processor to produce custom output instead of HTML - for example Markdown, JSON or XML.

Theme customization

Easily adjust the theme with CSS variables. You can even build your own third-party UI, for example in Bootstrap or React.


Native integrations with Angular,
React and Vue.is are available and it's compatible with Electron plus Android and iOS devices.

Ready to purchase an Extended Support Model
for your CKEditor 4 installation?

Frequently asked questions

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The CKEditor Long Term Support (LTS) Package is the version of CKEditor 4 that requires a license key activation. Customers who have purchased Extended Support Model Package can get access to the license key on the CKEditor dashboard.

The LTS Package is the only version of CKEditor 4 that has access to essential security fixes. You can download the latest CKEditor 4 LTS Package version here.

The LTS is also available as a Drupal module.

Contact us for an Extended Support Model.

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You now need to upgrade your editor configuration. Download the CKEditor 4 Long Term Support Package and add the new license key from your CKEditor Ecosystem Dashboard.

Not sure where to look? See our guide to finding your license key.

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When a new CKEditor 4 LTS version is released, an email notification is sent to the email addresses saved in your CKEditor Ecosystem Dashboard.

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Yes, Drupal CKEditor 4 LTS is available as a module, offering the needed security updates right away. The module requires a license key activation. After purchasing an Extended Support Model, you can get access to the license key on the CKEditor dashboard.

Learn more about CKEditor 4 LTS.

Add the module to your Drupal project.

Drupal CKEditor 4 LTS is available as a module, offering the needed security updates right away. The module requires a license key activation. After purchasing an Extended Support Model, you can get access to the license key on the CKEditor dashboard.

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Beyond the EOL in June 2023, there are no new features, plugins, enhancements, bug fixes or security updates.

To learn more, read this article that details more about end-of-life.

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It may depend on the specific terms of your existing contract, so please contact us at sales@cksource.com to talk about your case.

Please note: Different from CKEditor 4, the open source license for CKEditor 5 is GPL v2+. Free-of-charge use of CKEditor 5 is allowed in compatible open source projects, or under our Free for Open Source Policy.

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As of 30 June 2023, CKEditor 4 is considered end-of-life (EOL) software. That means there are no new security patches, bug fixes, features or releases coming out for CKEditor 4.

In January 2024, a significant security issue was identified in CKEditor 4. To assist customers who must continue using CKEditor 4 in production applications, we offer the Extended Support Model Package for CKEditor 4. This extends CKEditor 4 support with access to ongoing security fixes until December 2026.

For debugging purposes, it is still possible to download CKEditor 4 until further notice.

We strongly recommend upgrading to CKEditor 5 to get the latest, most secure version of our editor.

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Having problems upgrading on time? Chat to our sales team about the paid support options you have available.

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